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Builders opened fire extinguishing drill class experience of migrant workers

    March 25, Shapingba District of University City fire brigade officers and men went to construction sites, for the days of building area of ??more than 600 branches in Chongqing migrant workers a vivid and practical fire safety courses to further improve our site migrant workers safety awareness to help them acquire the knowledge and self-rescue escape fire prevention methods, and good results.

    "Everyone in the construction, carpentry and welders with the construction should not ... ...", "throw cigarette butts, illegal operation, do not follow the requirements of the construction drawings and construction and other fire service is an important factor in building site fire ... ...", "occur property after the fire must not covet your neighbor in order to avoid missing the best time to fire fighting and escape ... ... "seminar, taught by teachers about a typical case, for construction workers to explain how to report a fire, fire extinguisher use and self-help methods to escape the fire of knowledge ,ratchet tie dowm combined with the construction site free of combustible materials stored large quantities of flammable, non-standard electrical line laying, widespread illegal use of fire, workers mobility, and strong sense of responsibility characteristics, patiently explained the construction of fire precautions.

    After theoretical instruction, fire officers and men migrant workers are also explained in detail to the use of fire extinguishers fire fighting skills since the beginning, showing the fire service, fire hose and other fire equipment. Under the guidance of the officers and men, migrant workers who have stepped forward to personally experience, to carry out field fire fighting exercises to consolidate the knowledge learned, and strengthen capacity to apply their knowledge.

    From migrant workers in Chongqing Tongnan Bing attended the fire training. "Because of tight schedule, so we are busy working, thinking easy to overlook the security risks." Li said, the site usually has some security information and education, but knowledge of specific training in the fire so strong was the first time . "Safety is no small matter, accident out of paralysis, for their own peace, more of the family wish, must take safety first." Zhang Sichuan Daxian migrant workers, said the fire service training so that he learned a lot of fire knowledge and enhanced awareness of fire safety, good fire prevention is the obligation of every one of us.

    District fire brigade official said, as the economy continues to speed up development and urban construction in recent years, Shapingba increasing construction projects, construction sites of new materials, new structures, new technologies continue to emerge and are widely used, planted the security hidden, easy to fire accidents. Therefore, targeted to enhance the monitoring of construction sites, and strengthen the safety awareness of construction workers and the self-help skills to escape, is an important measure to prevent fires. Next, the squadron will enhance the fire safety management of construction sites, to increase inspections of efforts to urge the construction unit owners rectification security risks, while professional training organizations in the fire of knowledge, improve fire safety awareness of migrant workers.

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