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« Builders opened fire extinguishing drill class experience of migrant workers 5.0 billion to be built in Zhuhai smart grid investment and manufacturing base »

Handan Iron and Steel has new gas-steam combined cycle power generation project

    March 16 formally announced China International Tendering CERI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. for the successful units, marking the CERI and the U.S. General Electric Company (GE) companies winning the tender Handan Steel officially the Commonwealth of 150MW gas-steam combined cycle (CCPP) turbine project.

    March 17, CERI, ratchet tie dowm GE Company and Handan Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel Conference Center in Handan Iron and Steel signed CCPP technology project equipment supply agreement; March 22 CERI Japan and China also signed the domestic supporting Steam Turbine turbine supply contracts to achieve a low calorific value gas in the iron and steel enterprises large gas-steam combined cycle power generation business of a breakthrough.

    Bidding the project started in November 2010, CERI GE companies and the U.S. consortium to bid for the tender. CERI Power and Water Resources Development Project of the tender documents carefully organized to overcome the tight schedule, lack of experience such difficulties, and the GE company bid on this project conducted a number of technical communication and business communication, and many times to the domestic type of project site visits. Hard work pays off eventually, and Wuhan city in environmental protection and the Commonwealth of Mitsubishi competitive bidding, to advanced technical solutions and reasonable prices of successful competitive bid.

    Gas-steam combined cycle (CCPP), compared with conventional thermal power system with energy conversion efficiency, small footprint, efficiency and good features, iron and steel enterprises to achieve the blast furnace gas, converter gas and coke oven gas and other energy products, the cascade utilization, for large iron and steel, to reduce product costs and enhance business rate of self-powered, energy saving, etc. can play a significant role, is a typical low-carbon economy metallurgical projects. Therefore, the successful bidder on this project CERI future market development in related fields of far-reaching significance.

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