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5.0 billion to be built in Zhuhai smart grid investment and manufacturing base

   High-tech Zone, Zhuhai, 24, said head, Zhuhai City, in whose 5.0 billion investment in high-tech zones, construction area of ??1,000 acres of Zhuhai smart grid (low-carbon equipment) Industrial Park, with 5 years to cover the lose change into electricity distribution, electricity, dispatching automation, telecommunications and other sectors of the industry chain of smart grid products manufacturing base.

    Zhuhai Smart Hengqin is test the water distribution network.

    It is understood that the establishment of the integrated, high-speed two-way communication network based on the Smart Grid industry very seriously. Among them, the State Grid Company, through its establishment of the "smart grid technology standard system planning" and "smart grid key equipment (system) development planning," smart grid development in China to draw a "road map":

    Through the technical field, including 7, 28 technical presentations and the development of 137 key equipment,ratchet tie dowm as well as the development of standards for the industry professional branch of 8, 26 technology, 92 standard series of smart grid technology standard system, the use of advanced sensing and measurement technology, equipment, technology, control technology and decision support system based on using information technology, automation, interactive, realization of China's power grid reliability, security, economic, efficient, environmentally friendly and use of safety goals .

    Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, according to the person in charge, related industries for more than 1 trillion yuan to bring tremendous business opportunities in the smart power grid construction, the development strategy of China Southern Power Grid is one of the key. In addition to building high-capacity electrochemical energy storage and other demonstration projects, following Shenzhen Guangming New Area, is promoting new knowledge in the city of Guangzhou, and Zhuhai City, New Hengqin intelligent distribution network construction, with independent intellectual property rights in order to form a national smart grid experiment center platform.

    New reporter learned in Zhuhai Hengqin, intelligent smart grid distribution network is an integral part of, whether it is new knowledge is the city of Guangzhou or Zhuhai Smart Hengqin island building distribution network, the most notable features are when the supply voltage from 220 kV to 20 kV direct blood pressure, reducing the middle level of 110 kV, which is conducive to further reduce the power loss in the transformer link, substations and high voltage line to save the land corridor.

    Specially prepared according to the power sector, "the Zhuhai special plan Hengqin Area Network", in the future, will be the Hengqin District 20 kV main power supply, which is stationed for the Hengqin and Macau large projects and long-term growth in demand for electricity provided power protection.

    The introduction of new knowledge in the city of Guangzhou, more use of new mechanisms and new energy technologies, such as encouraging the development of the building roof in the first phase installation of solar power installations, installed in the indoor parking lot reserved for the location of vehicle charging device; use of smart meters guide users to peak load shifting; smart metering system, test the water, water, electricity, gas and three table-one; television network, telephone network, Internet, power grid, "quadruple" and realize the intelligent home and building automation.

    Zhuhai Smart Grid has formed the industrial chain.

    Zhuhai power equipment industry 18 years ago, initially to the main power switch and low voltage switch cabinet. After entering 2000, a large number of private enterprises started in the development of automatic control of power, made no small progress. In 2009, the industry achieved sales revenue of approximately 3.5 billion. Where XJ Electric to 6 billion, Landis + Gyr meters to 3.5 billion, excellent special power to top 3.2 billion. Most of their products with independent intellectual property rights, product technology leader in the domestic, the main product segments are domestic market share ranking.

    March 11, Zhuhai City, set up a 47 member units of the "smart grid industry alliances." The alliance is a letter from the Bureau of Zhuhai City, led by Trade and Industry set up. According to the Industry Alliance launched one of the units, communications, general manager of Zhuhai Department of Da Zhou Wenyu introduction, although the concept of smart grid made soon, but many companies have been started in Zhuhai City, focused on monitoring, control, automation, security early warning, emergency self-healing, fine management, and other soft features, and has formed a leading scale and complete range of products covering almost the entire current concept of the smart grid chain.

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