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Jingdezhen: to increase private enterprise and opening up of ceramic

    Jingdezhen City Ceramic High-tech Zone's development is inseparable, inseparable from the thousands of ceramic culture. 30 years of reform and opening up, especially after the state-owned enterprise reform ceramics, ceramics enterprises and workshops spread, more concentrated there Fanjia well, the old factory, Shaoji dock and other places, there is the original plant to start hiring, there are villages in the urban fringe in the lease plant plot development.

    Some have wanted to own ceramic workshop big business or private owners, suffer from lack of funds. Can only stay in the "chipping away", the lack of substantial development. They hope to find a seat in the development of the park land, common for the development and revitalization of the Jingdezhen Ceramic contribute their one point force.

    Park to increase private enterprise and opening up of ceramic. Ceramics workshops for SMEs and should be as subject. If we can focus on these ceramics in the ceramic workshops for SMEs and industrial park development, ratchet tie dowm is consistent with low-carbon environment. Can expand the scale of the park, to solve the way out of ceramic workshops for SMEs and a good thing. Small and scattered ceramic workshops, according to different varieties of relatively concentrated in different areas of the park, the formation of the park's features. Park is responsible for providing standard factory, kiln, water, electricity, gas and other public infrastructure in a unified configuration for small and medium enterprises into the park and workshops to lease the use of ceramic. The emergence of industrial park property management, to provide laid-off workers for new jobs, concentrated in the development of the park can also have a certain scale and agglomeration effects. Ceramics into the park on SMEs and workshops, there must be some constraints, but the threshold can not be too high. At least to reach a certain scale of production, market prospects, consistent with low-carbon environmental protection before entering the park, to have the advanced production techniques and technologies that can give priority to enter the park, coupled with preferential policies to help the government relying on support of these into Ceramics Park for SMEs and the development of workshops can be better.

    Park open for private ceramic enterprises, it is not a simple question of form, but the face of private enterprise development, the actual ceramic methods. That is our construction of the park should be there are still some difficulties for the private porcelain enterprise, helping them through the government, enterprises and workshops to their bigger, stronger, do a good job. Those with certain economic strength of local and foreign investors. They can also plan in the park, also providing them with services, public infrastructure, so that can save a lot of land and water and electricity resources, but also add vitality to the park. Park, SMEs and workshops open to the ceramic, but the layout of the existing park to make some adjustments. But also the moment and can not be restructured to transform the original ceramic enterprises plant as a necessary complement. If the park around the same time can provide accommodation for migrant workers, migrant workers or building a group of apartments, low-rent housing or affordable housing, so that these migrant workers to live at ease, they not only become a new people of Jingdezhen, but also Jingdezhen ceramics to become the new force.

    The park for private ceramic enterprises, SMEs and workshops not only to ceramics found a way out, but also to the construction of the park to bring boundless energy; ceramics and workshops for SMEs under the government's help to develop the park by increasing the value of state assets , Jingdezhen Ceramic virtuous circle will bring rapid development of a thriving scene.

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