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Shanghai design and manufacture of a good environment when the new dry-type spray booth

    March 29, 2011, the Shanghai News - Recently, Shanghai good success when the machinery Graco GRACO a Shanghai company design and manufacture of dry-type spray booth environment.
    This environment-friendly paint dry room for a gas type, the top air flow system, both through the plenum, all flow into the interface with wind speed, air supply air supply taken from a part of the outdoors, a part taken from interior, respectively, by multi-leaf valve control; as regular cleaning of user-friendly paint mist filtration system, automatic alarm device for this device, the signal exceeds a set value, the alarm automatically to remind users to regularly clean up; another painting the whole room with explosion-proof electrical equipment,ratchet tie dowm electrical to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment. This painting has the structure of simple laboratory equipment, decontamination rate of 99%, low operation cost.

    Dry-type spray booth environment.

    Graco is the world's largest and most modern fluid handling systems and components worldwide leader in the field, the Shanghai success and good when the Graco business cooperation, and received high praise Graco; give full expression to Shanghai Good design and manufacturing capabilities when companies fully to international standards.

    When good companies in Shanghai:

    Good Time Enterprises was founded in Shanghai in 1993, is specialized in surface treatment and coating equipment research, design, manufacture and trade as one of the science and technology business entities; leading products: blasting machine, blasting powerful machine, spraying machines, painting machine, sand blasting room, painting room, painting room ship section sandblasting, steel plate pretreatment line and coating production lines. Shanghai good time as well-known surface treatment and coating equipment system solutions leader for domestic and foreign customers with high-tech and high quality surface treatment and coating equipment. Company shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace, locomotive and car manufacturing, container, engineering machinery, port machinery, marine engineering, electronic and electrical, energy, electricity and other fields to provide professional services.

    Shanghai good time when the company under the Shanghai Liang Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai good when good spray equipment and Shanghai Co., Ltd. when the pressure vessel; Shanghai Fengxian good business when the new plant is located in the Harbour Industrial Zone, Fengxian District, No. 1117 Siping Road , covering about 84 acres, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

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