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Express superconducting years to catch the smart grid growth can be ten times

    To catch the express train smart grid construction superconducting "times ten" growth can be expected.

    With the smart grid to write "second Five-Year" plan, strategic emerging industries in the State's position gradually appear. National Grid in accordance with the relevant plan, from 2011 to 2015, the smart grid will be in the transmission, substation, power distribution, telecommunications and other aspects of the seven entered the construction phase.

    Worldwide, ratchet tie dowm smart grid also are embracing investment boom, which, to some extent, superconducting technology determines smart grid of a country's competitiveness. To this end, the United States, "the U.S. power grid 2030" proposed in the plan to build superconducting power technology backbone network, the U.S. Department of Energy Superconductivity even hailed as the only electric power industry in the 21st century high-tech reserve; the Japanese New Energy Development Organization agreed that development of superconductivity in the 21st century the key to maintaining cutting edge.

    According to the International Superconductivity Industry relevant data, in 2010 the global production value of superconducting power technology industry about 75 billion U.S. dollars, 2020, the output value will reach 75 billion U.S. dollars, that is, the superconducting industry is expected to usher in "Ten years times, "the rapid growth.

    Smart grid entered the construction phase.

    Write in the smart grid, "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the smart grid in the strategic position of the emerging industry has been further enhanced. Su Bo, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and also the first time in 26 position, support the development of smart grid.

    As a smart grid technology standards and the leading provider of critical equipment, general manager of State Power NARI quarter Kan Shanghai Securities News recently in an interview with Xinhua that the smart grid is a national strategy, "five-second" period will become the largest smart grid investment period of development. Among them, the huge field of superconducting applications in the network has just begun.

    I learned from the national grid in 2011 -2015, the smart grid will go into the construction phase, covering power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity, scheduling, communications and other areas of seven major investment.

    I learned from the State Grid Corporation, this year as "five-second" first year, part of the investment intelligence network will exceed 500 billion yuan, far less than 200 billion yuan more than last year's scale. According to industry forecasts, the "second Five-Year" period, China's construction in the smart grid investments will total nearly 2 trillion yuan. This will greatly boost the country on mainstream equipment manufacturers electrical NARI, XJ Electric product demand and other listed companies.

    It should be noted that the great efforts of the departments concerned, will further accelerate the industrialization process of the smart grid. "Smart Grid can be effectively compatible with wind, solar and other intermittent new energy, to strengthen the demand side and supply side of the interface and improve the efficiency of transmission and distribution. Therefore, China must strengthen the construction of smart grid standards, promoting high-power energy storage, flexible transmission and other key equipment smart grid development. "the experts told reporters.

    "Twelve Five-Year" Plan clear, to adapt to large-scale cross-transmission and new energy power generation and network requirements to accelerate the construction of modern power system to further expand the scale west to east, and improve the regional backbone network, development of special high pressure and large capacity , high efficiency, long-distance transmission technology advanced, relying on information, control and energy storage and other advanced technologies, and promote smart grid construction, strengthen urban and rural power grid construction and transformation, and enhance the capacity of power grid optimization and supply reliability.

    Program also made it clear that "second five" smart grid construction undertaken during the pilot construction of intelligent substation reconstruction, promote the use of smart meters, supporting the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities.

    In fact, as early as this year's national energy conference, the National Energy Board made it clear that the future will transform distribution network, and actively promote the construction of the smart grid to enhance the power of information technology, automation, and interactive level.

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