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No layer of flexible plate-to-market more environmentally friendly and more economical

    In the traditional process, the laminated board by adhesive to glue between the layers, but once the adhesive between the layers will result from the failure, leading to premature failure of products, and adhesive failure is often due to meet high temperature, humidity or chemicals.

    To solve the problem, the high-end manufacturer of specialty materials, Rogers developed a patented technology company, will have heat resistant properties VictrexAPTIV film heated directly on the metal foil laminate or other material, the technology can be used for sheet and flat laminated structure, and without using any adhesive.

    Without the use of adhesive will bring many benefits, for example, in the production process to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) used, and the material is more environmentally friendly; can reduce raw material usage and lower overall costs; reduce the adhesive layer of insulation can be improve the thermal conductivity of laminate; ratchet tie dowm and reducing laminate thickness, so that it can be applied to smaller and thinner devices. Laminated structure using the adhesive will increase up to 50% of the overall thickness and weight.

    Business Analyst KoenHollevoet Rogers said: "We APTIV film is developed for application of the technology of the patent. APTIV film is currently on the market performance of the best, most versatile thermoplastic films. VictrexAPTIV and very flexible thin film form and polymeric materials with VICTREXPEEK superior performance characteristics of all. "

    In order to produce non-adhesive plate, Rogers deployed in its Belgian plant a new production line to produce the maximum size is 400 meters long, 0.25 mm thick laminated sheet structure of products. Roll flattening, you can create the maximum size for the width of 0.61 m and 1.22 m long plate. In addition, the Rogers company can also produce two sizes of flat plate: width 0.61 m, length 0.46 m or 0.46 m wide, 1.22 meters long, the maximum laminate thickness of 1.5 mm. Two patented process can be APTIV film with copper, brass, aluminum and other metal foil, or Kevlar, and fiberglass fabric and other materials combined. Hollevoet explained: "Our standard products are copper or aluminum foil on one or both sides of the APTIV film. Of course, we can create more varieties and specifications of the laminated board. For example, we can produce AB, ABA and BAB layer structure plate, and the process is not limited to three plates of different materials used. Basically, we can according to customer's end-use requirements of the required materials and APTIV film together, tailored for any non-gel layer pressure structure. "

    APTIV films with high performance characteristics will help Rogers to expand its market to the high-frequency radar and telecommunication circuit applications outside the field. Hollevoet said: "This film allows us to continuous use in demanding temperature applications running, including the requirement of up to 200 ℃ (392 ℉) temperature environment applications, and can withstand up to 280 ℃ (536 ℉) to Lead-free solder processing temperature. APTIV film has a unique combination of properties including high temperature and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties, which makes us free layer plate can be applied to a variety of adverse environment, such as various automotive applications under the hood, requiring long life and high reliability; in the oil and gas drilling applications, reliability and avoid downtime is crucial; in aviation applications, no adhesive plate to improve performance and weight. "

    Victrex Rogers is working with companies to develop standard printed circuit board applications and applications outside the non-standard structure.

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