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Electrical fire extinguishing system on the cost of several


    Electricity, give us a comfortable life electrification, but if used improperly, "electric tiger" will bite, in addition to electric shock accidents occur, the reasons such as electrical appliances caused by improper use of electrical fires are very common. In recent years, the national upward trend in the number of fire accidents. From the eighties of last century, various types of electrical fire the fire will become a "hero." For information, to 1999, electrical fire occurred 10 years ago than doubled, up to 1 million times, accounting for various types of fire more than 30%. By 2002, accounted for 35% of various types of fire above; more prominent in recent years. Cause of the fire in the rural areas, the second electrical line;ratchet tie dowm the cause of the fire in the city, the electrical were ranked in the first place. Incidence of major multiple electrical fire in the generator room, transformer substation, power distribution room, computer room, program-controlled switchboard room and other places, the fire fighting more difficult and brings new issues, rational use of automatic fire extinguishing system, fire protection of these places, Fire company's products are both competitive, but also our fire management audit checks of major responsibility.

    First, the risk of electrical fire (causal factors in the analysis)

    Electrical fire hazard is characterized by the distribution of fire hazards, continuity and concealment. As electrical systems are widely distributed, long-term continuous operation, electrical lines are usually laid in the shelter (such as ceiling, cable tunnel), when the initial fire, the fire alarm system can not easily be found, but also not easily observed by the naked eye. The risk of electrical fire and electricity consumption is also closely related to, when the electricity load increases, vulnerable to over-current caused by electric fires.

    Casualties it caused the fire, property damage and social turmoil are enormous. Electrical fire occurred in a building, the building in close, evacuation difficulties, poor smoke, very likely to cause major accidents Qunsiqunshang.

    1, the electrical fire in the fire.

    The fire electrical fire There are two main forms, one spark and arc; the other is electrical equipment or lines on the risk of heat generated.

    ①, spark and arc mainly in the gas or liquid insulation materials production, damage to the insulation after the gaps or cracks occur between the arc, so that the two conductors caused by the breakdown between the arc voltage is 30kV/cm. Arc will have a very high temperature, such as 2 ~ 20A of the arc current can produce 2000 ~ 4000oC the local temperature, 0.5A of the arc current is sufficient to cause a fire. EDM can be regarded as unstable, very short duration of the arc, the temperature is also high, the electric spark, electric arc generated by the secondary fire has a greater risk.

    ②, electrical equipment and lines in the run-time Association of fever, there are several reasons: ⑴ current to generate heat resistance of the conductor; ⑵ core heat loss; ⑶ heat generated by dielectric losses. Under normal conditions, heat and cooling can reach a lower equilibrium temperature, the temperature does not exceed the long-term permit for electrical equipment operating temperature, high temperature and there is not dangerous, only when the normal operation of the destruction of the sharp increase in heat The heat is less than, then it may be a sharp rise in temperature, as well as a dangerous high-temperature, high temperature in the conditions of this danger the right time will cause a fire.

    ③, arc and spark belong to the fire, the fire is a direct way. High-temperature fire way to more complex, its effects are softening, decomposition produce insulating material (easy) gas body, directly roast burning material.

    2, the specific causes of electrical fires.

    ⑴ bad, when the operating current through, the larger the contact resistance on the heat generated, so that the junction temperature, high temperature and further exacerbate the oxidation, the contact resistance increase further, creating a vicious cycle, resulting in a high temperature up to thousands of degrees, so that the insulation near the softening caused by short circuit caused the fire, burning may also be baked directly to the nearby combustibles and fire.

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