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Japanese high-tech growth in part by lower automotive electronics industry

    The economic impact caused by the earthquake in Japan, has spread to China's automobile, electronics and other industries closely associated with Japan. In the automotive sector, the impact of the earthquake has been the first Japanese import single vehicle to the entire automotive field.

    Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Auto Toyota two cars in the Japanese joint venture enterprises are in charge, said recently, ratchet tie dowm given the spare parts inventory, companies can ensure normal production for two weeks, after which production can continue, is still being assessed; and the public Automotive vice president of China Yang Meihong frankly, the public and parts of Japan, directly or indirectly associated with dozens of companies are affected by the earthquake, is expected to put into operation in China, car prices of other multinational impact is more serious than the general public.

    Electronics industry, in Beijing's Zhongguancun, Nanjing Zhujiang Road and other places in the computer market, the soaring price of many electronic products, flash memory, high-end digital cameras and other products price inflation, the highest increase of 30%. Shows the market caused by the earthquake or concerns related electronic products out of stock.

    High-end materials are highly dependent on Japan.

    China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Liu Jun, a researcher in Japan to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po said the red, automobile manufacturing and electronics industry is affected by the earthquake in China's two largest industries. The impact of the earthquake is still the current upstream transmission parts and raw materials production processes, second and third quarters of China's automobile manufacturing and electronics industry market growth rate will inevitably decline. He stressed the need to note is that China lost to Japan once the core technology and material supply, will compete in the global market, Korea and other countries in the European and American companies facing the impact and crushing.

    Kiuchi, chief economist at Nomura Securities board feels that the decline in Japan's export capacity, the short term, Japan will reduce the supply of Chinese products, especially electrical machinery and machinery industries. Last year, China imported from Japan, about half of the electrical and mechanical products, indicating that China's high-tech materials and parts imported from Japan in terms of dependence is high. Given Japan's lack of electricity, nuclear power plant safety issues will be unstable for some time, electrical machinery and other high-end machinery products, supply shortages may last longer.

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