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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

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The rapid development of electrical tools

The rapid development of electrical tools
UK - 5 Star Cases exhibited for the first time at the biennial Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) in Hampshire, UK, to boost its presence in the aerospace sector. FIA is an iconic global aviation event with a prominent position on the international aerospace calendar5 Star's booth was maximised with some creative space management, displaying many products as well as incorporating a small ratchet tie dowm seating and hospitality area.Products on display included two 19" rack systems, finished in desert sand powder coated hardware and extrusions, plus a new concept in transit solutions - 'Euro-Crate'.

'Euro-Crate' is a simple transit solution enabling irregular shaped items to be transported in safety by using a shock-mounted internal baseboard and a matrix of adjustable tie-down shackles and ratchet straps. Intermediate 200 mm case sections are then inserted to the desired height - to fit the equipment being transported - and finally the lid is secured.

Because before we get to that, we simply must begin our column the way we do every week here, which is to call for the abolition of the Pentagon. Yes, as we've done consistently for the past 133 weeks, we demand that the Defense Department's budget be zeroed out entirely. Oh, and also that we immediately adopt a Canadian-style health care system. Can't forget that, as we've been railing about it for ever since Friday Talking Points, Volume One. And lest we forget, President Obama is nothing more than George W. Bush's third term. As I said, none of this will come as any surprise to faithful readers, since we've been saying this sort of thing all along, ever since we were massively disappointed that Dennis Kucinich didn't win the presidency.Now, you'll have to excuse us, as we're late for our drug test.

What's that? This column has never said any of that, you say? Well, if that's true, it must be news to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who took the entire "professional left" to task this week for doing exactly that. He later narrowed this down to folks on "cable news," so I guess the Lefty Blogosphere is off the hook. Since, as fellow Huffington Post blogger Matt Osborne is fond of saying, "I'm still waiting for my first check from George Soros," I would likely only qualify for the "semi-pro left" or perhaps "triple-A minor league left" anyway, so I guess I'm not even included in Gibbs' sentiments. Whew!

Seriously, this was such a stupid thing to do less than three months from the election, that it must have been intentionally planned -- which is the truly scary thing about the entire fracas. Picture Obama and his top advisors sitting around the Oval Office last week, scratching their heads over why Democratic voters don't seem very enthused to go out and vote this year (as opposed to Republican voters who are positively chomping at the bit to cast their midterm votes). "Why are the president's approval ratings so low?" the advisors wonder. "What can we do to make it better?"

And then some bright spark decides that what Obama really needs is to woo independents and centrists back. And the easy way to do this is to pick up a two-by-four and beat the Left over the head, once again. Yeah, sure, that's the ticket!As I wrote Wednesday, "With Friends Like These...."

Which brings us back to Friday the Thirteenth. Why is thirteen a "bad luck" number, and why is Friday particularly bad luck? Why are American buildings (many of them, at any rate) constructed with no thirteenth floor, instead jumping from "12" to "14" on the elevator buttons? Why are there traditionally thirteen steps to the gallows?

Two words: Judas Iscariot.

You see, Jesus Christ had a band of followers. There were twelve of them. Together with Jesus, this made thirteen -- which, quite obviously, turned out to be a bad luck number for him.

In other words, one of Jesus' loyal followers betrayed him, leading to his downfall.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to draw analogies with this week's situation between the president and the Left (professional, semi-pro, and amateur). Before anyone complains, I'm not saying Barack Obama is the equivalent to Jesus Christ in any way, just to be clear. It's just a cheap journalistic trick to tie in today's date to what's going on in Washington, that's all.

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