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Chinese-made electric car by turning the Copenhagen Climate Conference

    3 months ago, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the United Nations Climate Change Conference although did not put all the participants unanimously adopted a climate agreement,booster cables but at least it changed the fate of a Chinese private enterprise - Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Yangzhou Kaiersimai company.

    During the climate conference in the relevant side, exhibits and other activities meet with thousands of items all related to new energy sources, environmental protection, climate change related, curated by the Danish organizers electric motor show is one of them.battery clip Port security in the Bella Centre in the temporary exhibition hall, more than 40 vehicles on display of pure electric vehicles in the whole car as the meeting during the session for participants to hold an international driving license for free. The only one of which produced electric vehicles in China is being dubbed "Dan Long," a Chinese Yangzhou "Kaiersimai"tow rope energy saving environmentally friendly electric cars.

    European multi-family second car choose electric vehicles.

    FZ45595 - not all of the exhibition hall of the electric cars in time on the card,ratchet tie dowm but Zheliang made in China, "Danish Dragon" not only successfully completed the transportation, approval and other links, and "settled" has made Copenhagen the local license plate, which is the Agents Wu generous favorite thing.

    "Just one week before opening of the Assembly, the car just by authoritative testing organizations EEC EU certification, the next day aboard a large transport aircraft arrived in Copenhagen, Eastern Airlines, light transport costs on the very expensive," Danish said agents generous Wu . EEC certification is a key gateway into the European market, get it, equal to get more than 20 countries in Europe allowed to sell permits.

    This "Dan Dragon" is used in electric cars phosphorylation Asian manganese lithium batteries, a charge 4 hours, approximately 120 km driving, speed of 40-50 km. From the performance point of view, not particularly outstanding, but its appearance is to meet market demand in Europe: the European high oil prices, the introduction of electric cars right time. "It's two days in Copenhagen, gasoline prices have reached 10.5 per liter, Danish kroner, or about 14.7 yuan." NG generous interview that everyone is complaining about the price of oil is too expensive, buy a lot of electric cars have become family choice - as a second and scooter. "Many families already have a car in Europe, but because the price of oil is too expensive, plus the government introduced subsidies, many people began to choose electric vehicles as a means of transport to work, but the original is for the traditional gasoline car or vacation long-distance driving use, "said Wu generous.

    Electric vehicles there in terms of performance short board: for example, only one charge travel over 100 km, the maximum speed of only 60 kilometers, etc., for European users is not a problem. Generally small in size because of European cities, many of the city to the airport from the city center, but also dozens of kilometers, well in the city to protect historical sites, small electric vehicles are street to the right.

    Interview, Wu, Founder done in Poland for the Kaiersimai sales. As low-cost Chinese-made electric car, in Eastern Europe and attract many customers. In addition to private buyers, businesses either. For example, there was an island of Spain to develop green tourism, we plan to buy hundreds of electric cars, "to facilitate travel of tourists in the island between the beach and hotel." Through the sales network, Wu generous even sold a car in South America.

    "Dan Long," one and a half to complete the European authority of the certification.

    Green appearance, "Danish Dragon" pattern looks very ordinary, the only bright spot is the open-top design to meet the Europeans love the sun, love ride habits. Even the layman, a rough low-speed electric vehicles seen Zheliang technical parameters will also have a question: it seems to us at the Century Park Shanghai park to see the battery for the car park a short split at the same technical level .

    Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Kaiersimai Managing Grassland in not deny this.

Crash, he "Dan Dragon" in the factory model called "TM-12", was originally built for the domestic market. In fact, due to start his factory is mainly producing electrical equipment, there is no qualification to apply for Special Purpose Vehicle.
    Although not look, but the "TM-12" has no other domestic car highlights: certified by the ECC. "An ECC certificate will have more than 110 pages, we spent a year and a half, before and after the operation to three cars to complete the certification." Grassland in on the Morning News reporter said. Many certification requirement is rarely encountered in the country, such as electromagnetic radiation. Electric cars will inevitably produce electromagnetic radiation, ECC certification requirements to radiation control level within a certain number, this one took a lot of time to Reform, "Each group must go through safety testing electrical components as small as a car horn in the coil pay attention to how all around the law. "There are cars in the country, must be controlled at around 400 kg - the requirement is for energy, so that the limited capacity to achieve the greatest possible charge of battery life mileage. Think of a car's weight is generally normal 1.4 tons to 1.6 tonnes, will know the difficulty of achieving this target.

    Grassland in that certification in the ECC, the indicators for different components by different European laboratories for testing, are all authorities. The first time sent a sample car, more than 100 indicators in 30 more failed. Those that were to be turned down, and they strive to find ways to improve. Resort to back, again and again for ... ... such and such, factory technical staff have been pondering, and finally was completed.

    Low price is the "Dan Long," the greatest advantage.

    "Exhibition in Copenhagen, we also visited the other way, the vehicle manufacturers." Grassland in that BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Renault ... ... all well-known car dealer in the column, and the most brilliant one than LYNX's silver convertible electric sports car. "People than we do work fine, very smooth shape design." Grassland in that. But in China there own advantages: beautiful electric sports car price € 80,000, equivalent to about 800,000 yuan, and "Dan Long," car dealer to the European customers the highest price not more than 1.5 million, about 100,000 yuan.

    Only 12% of the European sports car price advantage, to Yangzhou Kaiersimai brings a lot of orders. Copenhagen debut, the order has more than 2,000 vehicles, almost every major European country.

    In an exhibition to find market opportunities.

    "Now the question is no car to sell. In addition to the exhibition in Copenhagen outside the car, though, nearly a hundred vehicles have been sold, but have not got a customer car." Agents generous Wu said, so far sign the contract are written very late delivery.

    Prior to the meeting in Copenhagen, is located in Industrial Park, Yangzhou eastern suburb Kaiersimai just 100 small businesses, flagship product "TM-12" about the annual production of hundreds of vehicles. No one thought that an exhibition can make a business downturn in the global context of economic and suddenly find a market opportunity, change your fate. Now, the new plant is stepping up its construction, equipment, personnel are also being added, "is expected to reach 4,000 by 2010 annual output."

    Ambitious goal still being planned. Grassland in that trial in 2010 but the process of production and understand the market, they will continue to enhance the design of this electric vehicle to optimize the program, "In the six years to reach annual production of 100 000 scale, and design and manufacture of a price of 40 million yuan or so high-end electric cars. " This program has been the strong support of the local government, the new 200-acre plant site has been delineated. Just last month, there is an Italian well-known car dealer went to Yangzhou to talk with Kaiersimai cooperation and hope that co-production electric vehicle.

    Ultimate goal is still the domestic market.

    Although the goal Kaiersimai look beautiful, but there are still many unknowns: the market demand for electric cars in Europe is able to continue strong?
This low-speed electric vehicles is not high technology threshold, will have more to low-cost advantage of Chinese manufacturers to compete in this years? Also, as factory BYD strong Why are not targeting this market? Although not the answer to, but the Grassland in that since the since the Copenhagen meeting, he started to pay attention at home and abroad about the new energy, smart grid, electric cars, the latest policy developments and set its own direction: a year or two main attack in Europe , no later than three years after qualification automobile production to be achieved, it will be turned to the domestic market. "National 'two sessions' has been on the private purchase of new energy vehicles will may be caused by state subsidies for coverage, is also reported that, Sinopec has been building in the existing petrol filling station in electric vehicle charging station." Grassland in that once the electric cars and other new energy vehicles clear policies, the largest market is clearly the domestic market. However, before the first solution to this is to upgrade its technology. Full four hours of only 120 kilometers by car is clearly unable to meet the needs of the majority of Chinese drivers.

    Li Yizhong: working out policies to encourage consumption of new energy vehicles.

    According to the Securities Times reported that the Minister of Industry and Li Yizhong 8 am, said in an interview, is working with the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Industry and to encourage the development of new energy vehicles in consumer policy, subsidies to purchase a car or several million.

    Li said the current new energy vehicles, including hybrids, electric cars, fuel cell vehicles are still under development, one-time into a larger, more expensive vehicles. To promote, encourage private purchase of new energy vehicles, the "Government policies, subsidies may reach a few million." Li Yi said that if there is no policy support, new energy vehicles into the home more difficult.

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