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Beijing spring of your first pressure, such as oil sand dust suppression benefit

   Beijing 1 April 2011, at noon usher in Year of the Rabbit in the first spring rain, the drought this spring in Beijing to be said for the hungry to play the role of the earth. However, many people have rumored, rain is flying over the sea of ??Japan Radiation Radiation rain. But actually not.

    This spring, the benefits greatly, not only nourish the earth, and gave to inhibit the blowing sand and radiation, for the temporary relief of drought drought in Beijing. And a lot of the benefits of forest fire. However, maintaining a continuous drizzle 6 hours after the dry weather continued to show Beijing, will Droughts will become so after a hot fire.

    Spring Fire III Note:

    Ching Ming Festival sweeping fire.

    Qingming Festival, ratchet tie dowm sweeping the slightest mistake will cause a fire. To this end, the public should pay attention to: planting trees in the mountains or other burial place sweep, the prohibited use of fire, smoking, burning incense, burning paper money and set off firecrackers to prevent the fire with "forest"; not on the lawn in the district, gas pipeline next to power lines, the car next to the edge of septic tanks, reed hay and site, the shed near the burning incense paper, fireworks, and prevent ignition of methane gas leaks or deflagration occurred; non-occupied and blocked fire exits, to to maintain fire safety channel open. Sweep to the designated location to be burning paper, incense, setting off firecrackers. Burning is completed, the fire burns more than to wait before leaving; sweeping personnel to master the knowledge of self to escape, once discovered fire, the alarm in time, learn to help themselves.

    Home decoration fire safety advice.

    Spring is the season for home decoration. Interior construction of the first pay attention to electrical safety; paint thinner and other flammable materials should be stored away from fire, cool, ventilated, safe place; the construction site should be cleaned every day, clean wood, paint dirt, debris and other combustible items ; to ensure safe and smooth interior exports; must be equipped with fire fighting equipment. Second, note to note in the decoration, fire-resistant materials, wood must be handled through the fire; pay attention to the circuit in the home improvement construction and electrical installation; strict implementation of the electrical installation procedures; all electrical circuits should be wearing sleeves, junction boxes, switches, slot lamps, ceiling lamps and heating devices to do around the application of non-fuel fire insulation materials processing. In addition, extensive use of decoration paint, lacquer thinner, thinner, paints and thinners and other volatile as fire highly explosive encounter. Therefore, in the construction of a good indoor ventilation. In addition, gas pipeline unauthorized changes and packets, but also very vulnerable to gas leak explosion.

    Spring Home Fire Safety:

    1, at home before going out to check electrical equipment and gas stove are closed.

    2, not the cigarette butts, matchsticks and other fire randomly thrown in the trash or combustible debris inside, do not smoke in bed or sofa.

    3, education, children do not play with fire, do not arbitrarily tinkering with electrical equipment.

    4, gas cylinders and stoves to keep more than 1 meter between the safe distance. LPG should not arbitrarily dump residue.

    5, not in the staircase, the public walkway and storing items.

    6, found that soon after the fire call the fire call 119, made it clear that the full address of the fire location, fire material, the fire size, leave your name and telephone number, and greeted by fire engines sent to the intersection.

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