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Domestic challenges the concept of mobile phone technology is not difficult to model difficult to iPhone


    Tian Fei, 31 years old, Master of Design. Focus on digital products, brands and integrated media experience design.

    Linephone concept phone designs, including GE Edison Award for Asia Pacific Awards 07 images and process design, NOKIA celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Chinese Academy of site design and image, "Hello beautiful" booster cables brand image design, and many other projects to upgrade.

    Meanwhile, he also published and actively explore the field of packaging design, design of the "Remembrance of Wu Guanzhong," "History of Chinese Calligraphy" and more than fifty publications.

    According to reports, linephone born in a design competition. Was it from 11 countries and regions stand out works 3501,battery clip won the second session of the "Lotus Cup" International Industrial Design Innovation Competition "Design of digital products and services," Gold Medal. linephone is a straight touch phones, the highlight is the innovative interface switching, mobile phones are equipped with sensors four sides, can be a variety of functional operations.tow rope Cool is this: every linephone can also be grouped together, the combination of National Cheng Kung University-screen mode in the PC software.

    Tian was born in 1980, flying from an early age like to draw, is the university art education profession. In state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign companies have done the design, did advertising, web designers, marketing, image design, interactive design. All of these experiences made him from art to design, to product, to market, with a comprehensive experience. In 2006 he gave up his job and passed the direction of Hunan University's industrial design graduate.

    Precisely because of these accumulated, so he has impressive gains. That followed his mentor quarter of 2007 Professor of iron in less than a month to complete GEEdisonaward Asia Pacific Awards video project design. "This is a very challenging project, both technical, creative or the time of urgency. The most critical time of nearly 7 days never left the studio, the last of the works in use in Hong Kong, the customer's evaluation is very high."

    Inseparable from good design and creative life, Tian Fei said with a smile, the designer's living conditions is fanciful to dream, get down to work! "My main source of inspiration is to observe and think. Inspiration to make my design more interesting, but the design is not art, so in addition to inspiration, I still need a lot of user analysis, statistics, usability testing and other means to complete the design."

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