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Support India's power grid construction ABB HVDC

    Zurich, Switzerland, April 2, 2011 - the world's leading power and automation technology group ABB has announced that the State Grid Corporation of India for the construction of high voltage DC transmission (UHVDC) line to provide transmission system, the total contract value of approximately $ 900,000,000 .

    This special high-voltage transmission line will transport electricity and water in northeast India, 1728 kilometers away to the Indian city of Agra (Agra).

    This northeast India - Agra HVDC transmission line will be India's leading state-owned ABB and Bharat Heavy Electrical Power Enterprise Co., Ltd. (BHEL) to build, the project totaling more than 1.1 billion. BHEL will be responsible for the rest of the project works.

    The entire transmission line voltage is 800 kV, transmission capacity of a record 8,000 megawatts. The time line in the transportation of full load power to meet the normal population of 90 million electricity demand in India. ratchet tie dowm UHVDC technology can minimize the transmission losses, while improving transmission efficiency.

    July 2010 Xiangjiaba in use - Shanghai Power Transmission Line is the world's first 800 kV ABB UHVDC lines, the main needs of the China market development. Today, this technology has moved from China to the world.

    ABB Power Systems Business Group Head of Leupp, said: "North East India - Agra UHVDC transmission line set a new benchmark also demonstrates the ABB high-voltage DC transmission (HVDC) technology, a global leader. We are very pleased India's power can continue to provide effective support infrastructure. "

    Northeast India - Agra transmission line will be the world's first with three converter stations UHVDC lines. Two of "transmission" is responsible for AC converter station is converted to DC, and then through a transmission line, through the narrow Siliguri corridor is located in Agra transfer to the third "into power" converter station, where the DC converted to alternating current, and finally delivered to end users.

    And the number of transmission lines through the construction of hydropower stations with different transmission Agra linking program were compared, ABB's multiport UHVDC program can significantly reduce the construction cost. The entire project will be construction of turnkey approach, covering project design, system engineering, equipment supply, installation and commissioning. This is ABB in North America in 1990-1992, after following the construction of the second multiterminal HVDC lines.

    ABB Group UHVDC technology is first developed 50 years ago, the further development of HVDC technology, but also in the past 20 years, transmission capacity and transmission lines to achieve maximum efficiency and technological breakthroughs. ABB is a global leader in HVDC technology has a number of groundbreaking achievements in the world in more than 70 HVDC projects, these projects total transmission capacity of up to about 60,000 MW.

    ABB is the highest in the world top 500 list of the power and automation technology leader in the field. ABB is committed to helping electric utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries, with 124,000 employees. ABB in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, a full range of business activities, with 16,300 employees, 30 local businesses and 80 cities across the country sales and service network.

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