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Good at both stations Linquan tear seal the 10th person in charge of Detention

    March 31, Fuyang City, Anhui Linquan County Fire Department jurisdiction according to law, the head of the two stations respectively custody for 10 days administrative penalties.

    The reason the event from March 29 but also talk about the day, the county fire inspection and law enforcement officers in the area of ??the Central Plains Huang Zhen blue gas station gas stations and enforcement inspection found that the two space stations and residential building fire serious shortage of gas stations in the insufficient number of fire-fighting equipment configuration, not set fire pits, fire blankets and other fire-fighting facilities,ratchet tie dowm places do not have the fire fighting capabilities, and there is random access private electric lines, etc. pull a series of serious fire safety hazard. Found that the situation under examination, March 30, the county fire department shall implement a temporary station on the two seizure, and ordered the seizure of two people responsible within the time limit in the existing fire hazard on a thorough rectification.

    31 morning, county fire department received a call district police station, said the two stations without tearing up the seal, still carry on their business. Knowledge about the situation, the fire monitors joint local police station immediately rushed to the scene found two gas stations, it has been tearing up the seal, to continue operating. Fire supervisors immediately filing, organizing investigations, by the County Public Security Bureau and the Bureau and approved by the nuclear method, two gas stations on the head of Lee and Hemou administrative detention to 10 days were punishment.

    That night, two units were sent to the county detention center is responsible for implementation.

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