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Residential installation of automatic fire alarm system is imperative

     September 13, 2010 Ministry of Public Security informed the fire situation in China in 2010, according to statistics, from January to August, China's fire occurred 8.9 million nationwide, the death of 729 people, a fire killed 45 people or more 3 since last year up 25%.

    Read from the direct cause of the fire, electrical fire came in first; followed by the careless use of fire; third child playing with fire. Fire Deputy Secretary Ministry of Public Security Wang Qin Lin pointed out that the fire in 2010 killed most people in urban and rural residential. High incidence of fires, fire safety urgent domestic concerns.ratchet tie dowm According to reports, the occurrence of different degrees of residential fire there is not enough export volume, poor evacuation routes, combustible materials, decoration, fuel loads and other outstanding problems. In addition, lack of facilities led to the fire house fire spread and lead to an important cause of casualties.

    According to China's relevant laws and regulations, high-rise building sub-class of residential construction and public buildings both. 10-story residential ceiling height of 25 meters above high-rise buildings, public class Layer 7-storey high-rise buildings above 24 meters, more than 100 meters for the high-rise building construction. Once high-rise building fire, the fire spread quickly, and personnel-intensive and difficult evacuation, fighting difficult, easily causing heavy property damage. Since last year, "11.15" Shanghai fire occurred, the high-rise residential fire safety has become a point of view of public concern, have the high-rise residential community fire safety advice. Among them, all are of the view perfect high-rise residential fire safety is to solve an important means of fire safety issues for high-rise buildings with automatic fire alarm equipment as necessary.

    Recently, the newly revised "Shandong Provincial Fire Regulations" to more high-rise residential fire safety regulations, specifically the new high-rise residential settings to independent household fire detection alarm, fire detection and alarm device independent by the construction unit in the set before delivery, or will face heavy penalties of up to 5 million. Apartments for the elderly, boarding schools, kindergartens, welfare and other special places, each room should be set independent fire detection alarm. Crowded places, the construction unit should also fire-prone parts of the installation.

    This is Guoneishoubu made for high-rise residential fire safety regulations. According to the present law, of "fire protection design of tall buildings" provisions of the building height more than 100m high-rise buildings, except area of ??less than 5.00m2 of toilets, bathrooms, the automatic fire alarm system should be located. In addition, less than 100 meters of the hospital, commercial building and other buildings proposed to set up the installation of automatic fire alarm system. Less than 100 meters of high-rise residential and not required to install automatic fire alarm system. In fact, the non-high-rise residential should be in accordance with the automatic fire alarm equipment.

    It is understood that residential installation of fire detection and alarm device can effectively reduce the incidence of fires and reduce the incidence of casualties. Beijing Science and Technology Advisory Group of Experts on the fire experts, former senior engineer of Beijing Fire Department is in favor of the teacher requirements over CHONG residential automatic fire alarm system installed in his interview with this reporter pointed out that the residential installation of automatic alarm system that can reach a certain temperature in the room after alarm, so that residents can escape before the fire burn.

    It is understood that in foreign countries, the United States, Australia and other countries require residential alarm system installed. Such as Queensland, Australia in 2004 when legislation requires that all families must install a smoke alarm. Moreover, the state residential smoke alarms installed in the ratio has remained an upward trend, from 72.6% in 2004 to 90.1 percent the year 08. According to Director of Emergency Services, Queensland, Australia Neil Roberts introduced, one in five Australians will experience in their life in a fire, the smoke alarm in case of strike, fire, casualty rate will increase by six per cent ten. Visible fire alarms for the fire escape rate of increase has an important role.

    In fact, the installation of automatic alarm system for residential, China has also been tried before. Such as the 2010 Government of Changchun City, home town of Portland in the household residents of the home are equipped with automatic fire alarm. Hexi Hexi District, Tianjin Fire Brigade Joint Civil Affairs Bureau, more than 80 million investment in the region by 2008 for the construction of nine pension agency installed with "fire alarm system." Automatic fire alarm system installed at home for people living with the one line of defense.

    The emergence of more and more high-rise housing, the housing of fire became a problem. Residential installation of automatic fire alarm system can provide more for people to escape time, reduce the incidence of casualties. Of course, the fire protection design should be a systematic project. Experts pointed out that the fire alarm to allow more people to escape, while the automatic fire extinguishing system can effectively fight fires. Therefore, an effective solution to house fire in particular the key high-rise residential fires, is to improve the fire protection system, installation of automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system. In addition, with the development of intelligent building, fire alarm system can and floor control system, radio sound system and access control systems to achieve linkage.

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