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Sanmen Bay Electric: to create a national brand mission terminal

    Sanmen Bay, as the earliest electrical connection to rail spring (technology) is widely used in terminal block (connector) of the major brands, has become more well-known synonym for electrical connection technology.

    After ten years of development, the company has advanced production technology, scientific management system and quick delivery process. Company not only passed the CE safety and quality certification system, and the use of the whole process of quality management systems to ensure that users get the highest quality products and satisfactory service. Products have been widely used in various industries: such as electricity,ratchet tie dowm petroleum, railway, shipbuilding, elevator, chemical, and so on ....

    Over the years, three bay appliance always adhere to "to provide customers with quality products and excellent service" to vigorously invest in product technology, innovation and design and development of new varieties, the use of more areas to meet the requirements. Sanmen Bay electrical products including terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, where JHY1 series terminals, European WUK series terminal, WST spring-type terminals, JP0 marine terminals, terminal screen surface switch chip, circuit board PCB terminal , JBK5 series transformer terminals, TH35-7.5 installation guide, control cabinet filter screen surface marking frame, heavy duty sockets dozens of series, thousands of specifications and markings, and other products, all products have passed through the EC CE safety certification bodies and environmental protection ROSE certification, quality and integrity in 2008 by the Chinese Enterprises Association, "AAA grade credit quality as the brand of Jiangsu enterprises" received the 2010 Network Ten innovative brands HC, HC 2011, credit quality provider network 315 so certified.

    Sanmen Bay Electric has a professional R & D team of engineers Congshi research and development projects over the latest products, they not only for the customized development of new products also meet the three Bay to develop demand for electrical products market. Sanmen Bay Electric has a complete set of mold manufacturing equipment, production equipment, testing equipment, automated assembly equipment and a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the science and technology enterprises. After ten years of business and forge ahead, the company has obtained ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and import and export rights; products through the international authority CE certification and CQC certification of quality and safety; terminal series by the National Electric Power Industry Power Systems Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and access to the type test certificates and other supporting software, hardware and software quality ratio makes the most of available resources to play.

    From 2010 the company began to increase on the UK terminals, PCB terminals and other products, share of the business in order to provide you with competitive high-tech products to meet the needs of different customers to use, tailored to your professional solution programs and services.

    January 11, 2011, establish a development of the industry and the example of the "2010 China Electric Industry Development Summit Forum 2010 China Top Ten Award electrical industry awards ceremony" was held at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the major award winners have the glory of the stage, deserved. Bay Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing three companies stand out in many PARTICIPATING, was awarded the "2010 China top ten electrical industry leader" and "2010 China top ten electrical industry innovator," the two awards.

    Beginning this year, as more customers understand and use our products for 10 years from the beginning of our company's performance on the basis of the original, there has been rapid increase, it is proved is not afraid of fiery gold, and our product quality and technology department has a strong design capability will be of inferior products crushed.

    Postscript: hero, moves of the First World War. After the financial crisis, the electrical industry leading brand market share ahead! This depends on the prosperity of the market, business leaders can not do without the excellent contributions. Leader of the wisdom of a pyramid figure groups, between words and deeds, writing not only his life, but also the stigma of this era.

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