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Ship with industry, the introduction should implement the "differential treatment"

    In 2010, China's three major indexes have full over Korea Shipbuilding, a truly world's largest shipbuilding country. But it is undeniable that China's overall technological level of marine equipment with international advanced level there are still a big gap.

   "Twelve Five-Year" period is China's shipbuilding industry from large to strong critical stage, catch up with international advanced level in order to achieve the goal, ship companies continue to introduce contemporary advanced technology not yet developed importing countries of major equipment and key parts, is still is an urgent practical need. However, in the process, government departments and industry organizations to play their due role in the enterprise technology and imported equipment in the introduction when the implementation of "differential treatment", it can meet the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry needs, but also grow as quickly as possible supporting the domestic shipping companies, China's shipbuilding industry to promote the sustained and healthy development.

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    Foreign Policy: the high-end blockade, low-end dumping.

    According to the China Shipbuilding Industry Economic Research Center, Cao Huifen, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China imported advanced equipment and technology is mainly low-speed marine diesel engines, medium speed diesel engine, diesel engine key components, some of the deck and cabin equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, etc. manufacturing technology. Meanwhile, the production company through the purchase of licenses and the way co-production with the introduction of foreign advanced manufacturing technology marine equipment, and to achieve localization of these devices to improve the product line to meet the shipping demand, increased rate of local equipment on board and reduce shipbuilding costs. Many enterprises, especially the introduction of technology to digest, absorb and re-innovation, developed a large number of brands with independent intellectual property rights and implementation of marine equipment on board, most of them supporting the ship for the river coast, and some for export ship and supporting ocean-going vessels, thus partially achieving the goal of import substitution. Overall, however, "during" imports of various types of marine equipment (amount) is still large.

    "China's shipbuilding industry still can not meet the scale of China's shipbuilding, yield a substantial increase in demand year after year, despite a number of marine low-speed machines, medium-speed machine, deck machinery and other major expansion project launched products, but the basic is still in construction process, the production has not yet standard. "Cao Huifen in the analysis pointed out the reason. In addition, although China developed a number of brands with international standards for marine equipment, but not perfect after-sales service network, product promotion is not in place and the failure to achieve mass production and other reasons, these devices not yet on the export of ships and ocean-going vessels to large number of applications . Therefore, our ability to manufacture low-speed machines, medium-speed machines, part of the deck machinery and equipment imported in large quantities cabin still exists, as does not have the manufacturing capacity of liquefied natural gas (LPG) Marine dual-fuel engines, electric propulsion system, Navigation Communication Automation System, part of the cabin equipment, marine core of the main auxiliary components and other products, is entirely dependent on imports.

    As China's shipbuilding and supporting industry development and growth, South Korea, Japan, Europe and their counterparts in other countries and regions are blocked in China has taken countermeasures technology. In recent years, the competition for China's huge marine equipment market, the foreign implementation of the main strategy is to set up wholly owned or joint ventures of China, the establishment of marketing services, selling its marine products, which eroded step by step, and squeeze the survival and development of supporting enterprises space.

    According to Cao Huifen introduction, high-end, energy saving, environmental protection and marine equipment manufacturing technology, China can create a major marine equipment design and process technology, the core component manufacturing technology, light weight, high value marine equipment of high value-added technology, equipment, system integration technology, not only to introduce very difficult, even joint ventures, cooperation, foreign and will not easily agree. Mature technologies such as the general low-speed machines, medium-speed machine production license technology, but also a large number of foreign transfers to China, leading to repeated introduction of competition within the industry. "With continued appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, which will develop our capability and capacity will have in the 'second five' during the release of a large number of marine low-speed machines, medium-speed machines, the main deck machinery and other production companies enormous basket pressure. "Cao Huifen that the direction of a large number of foreign dumping of such products, will support national shipping companies have a fatal blow in the long run, is threatening the safety of the ship industry.

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