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SABIC Innovative Plastics bring a breakthrough program of aircraft interiors show debut

    April 6, 2011 - Today, SABIC Innovative Plastics in Aircraft Interiors Show (Aircraft Interiors Expo) B exhibit hall booth 5F33 high-performance thermoplastic resins, sheet, foam sheet and composite plates, these solutions can help Airline customers should reduce the weight, in line with Bank regulatory requirements to achieve sustainability and improve the flying experience, etc. challenges.

    These innovative products and expanding the company's products combine advanced materials can help the global aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to reduce the weight of up to 50% in order to achieve energy reduction. At the same time, these innovations can also help customers products to meet flame retardant,ratchet tie dowm low smoke, non-toxic (FST), strict regulatory requirements, and reduce overall system cost and improve the safety of the cabin environment and comfort. Enrich not only strengthened the product range SABIC Innovative Plastics as the world's leading supplier of aerospace field position and also shows a high-performance plastics can bring a breakthrough application.

    SABIC Innovative Plastics will also showcase other compelling applications, for example, won the Crystal Cabin Award for LSG Sky Chef ultra-light aircraft, special trolleys, designed and manufactured by the PECO company dedicated to the new Boeing 737BSI passenger service unit, Sell ??Cabin Interiors GmbH from a new generation of oven parts and magazines from Bucher Leichtbau AG / manual holder. These solutions are examples of how SABIC Innovative Plastics is a leading airline with a number of solution providers to help them has always been ahead of the ever-changing industry standards.

    "Global aviation OEM and suppliers are required at all levels of compliance, safety and fuel saving solutions to the design and manufacture cost-effective next-generation aircraft," SABIC Innovative Plastics Specialty Film and Sheet, general manager of Jack Govers said, " with professional skills and the commitment to aerospace customers in partnership, we can help them address these challenges. In addition, we increase productivity and develop new and better solutions advanced materials continued investment will also help drive customers to achieve long-term success. SABIC Innovative Plastics is committed to changing this dynamic and important industries in the thermoplastic resin sheet and improve performance standards. "

    To make flight more fuel savings, more pleasant, more green.

    On average, a plane carrying one kilogram each (2.2 pounds) of the approximate weight of one-hour flight combustion of 0.03 kg (0.06 pounds) of fuel. Taking into account all of the commercial aircraft flying about 5,700 million hours a year, then every flight to reduce the weight of one kilogram a year can save about 1,700 tons of fuel oil and to reduce the approximately 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) 1 emissions. SABIC Innovative Plastics for the field of new high-performance aircraft technology widely used in the airline after significant benefits. For example, through the use of Lexan * F6000 sheet used to replace the original seat of the traditional framework of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) / acrylic acid products, the airline will reduce about 23% of the weight, such as by calculation of an aircraft 190 seats to can reduce 80 kg (176 pounds).

    The following materials used in aircraft interiors can significantly reduce weight, high performance and compliance.

    ? Lexan XHR (extremely low heat release) 6000 Plate: with traditional PVC (PVC) / polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products compared, Lexan XHR sheet can be reduced up to 12% of the weight to be more fuel efficiency. This material can also fully meet the major airlines on aircraft seats, cockpit lining, window frames, doors hood and other interior components FST (FR25853) flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic requirements. It has two forms of sheet metal and resin, to produce color by color coordinated to match the thermal molding and injection molding components.

    Leading aircraft seats and interiors solutions provider GevenS.pA chosen LexanXHR Giugiaro design sheet for the Caribbean from the airline "Armonia" series of aircraft seating in the interior. Weight control as the seat 9 kg (19.8 pounds) or less, Geven had to seek new high-performance lightweight materials. The LexanXHR board by virtue of meet stringent flame retardant, low smoke and heat release requirements and Airbus requirements for non-toxic, very good solution to this problem. With traditional PVC / acrylic products compared to the plate also has excellent thermal and light of the molding process.

    ? Ultem * Composite Aviation Board (CAB): UltemCAB sheet is SABIC Innovative Plastics and Crane & Co. Joint development and manufacturing company, is an alternative to thermoset aramid fiber reinforced honeycomb ideal material. The UltemCAB sheet thermoforming can not only quickly, with a variety of high-performance features, recyclable, but also has enormous potential of new development through the replacement of the decorative sheet film layers to extend the life of the renovation, while still able to meet the Federal Aviation Administration Authority (FAA) requirements.

    ? Carbon fiber filled Ultem * resin: SABIC Innovative Plastics 40% of the carbon fiber filled Ultem resin technology with superior rigidity and mobility. With these characteristics, the resin thin-walled injection molding products can be used for structural components in place of the original specifications of the die-cast aluminum carrier, which can be 50% of weight, strength increased by 40%. The potential applications include structural bearings, handles, footrests, coffee machines and other kitchen utensils and the table base plate bracket. Carbon fiber filled Ultem resin proven expertise on the development of high-performance aircraft interiors Ultem resin, consistent with FAA "Federal Aviation Regulations" (FAR) 25853 flammability standards and OSU65/65 in the smoke density and heat release requirements.

    ? Transparent LexanF2000A sheet: This sheet product has excellent fire retardant, low smoke, non-toxic and impact resistance, the thickness of 2 mm and 3 mm size consistent with FAR25.853 and ABD0031 requirements. The sheet can be applied to windows, light diffuser and the need for transparency in the logo. LexanF2000A board has found some 815 environmental DIN/VDE0472 flame retardant.

    Patrick Lindon is the industry leader in interior and product design company, specializing in aircraft interiors and seat design. The company chose the light transparent Lexan F2000A sheet for the design of aircraft dedicated Bucher Leichtbau AG magazine holder. In addition to other key characteristics, the plate 2 mm and 3 mm in size also meets the flame retardant and low smoke and ABD0031 FAR25853 non-toxic requirements.

    ? transparent polymer resin LexanFST: Now that the specifications provide a transparent resin to improve the aesthetics. It can be used in conjunction with LexanXHR plate, and personal service units, window frames and decorative components such as color matching threshold to avoid the rising costs of bringing the second painting and environmental risks. It is also a hard surface coating applied to interior full compliance.

    ? Extem * UP thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resin: This has a very high temperature flame retardant material meets UL746B requirement, the relative thermal index (RTI) to 240 ℃, that some of the material in the mechanical and electrical performance The temperature for more than 10 years time. By PEEK (PEEK) and its proven performance Extem resin super technology, SABIC Innovative Plastics to provide customers with the best performance set in one of two resin materials, and with unfilled polyether ether ketone (PEEK) compared to 200 ℃ for up to five times to provide up to five times the bending strength and stiffness; to coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) measurement, the dimensional stability than the unfilled polyether ether ketone (PEEK) reduced up to 30%.

    ExtemUP high-performance characteristics of thermoplastic resin can improve the customer's design freedom and efficiency, design a higher strength and stiffness for thin-wall, thus reducing weight and cost of materials, also allows customers to more highly sophisticated applications strictly control the size. This unique mix of technology, such as semiconductor chip trays, harsh environment connectors, high temperature gas environment and air environment of the metal replacement parts and other lightweight, high-temperature applications and the need for continued use of the new opportunities opened up.

    Variety of applications for the numerous benefits.

    During the exhibition, SABIC Innovative Plastics will showcase a lot of benefit from its application of leading interior materials.

    ? LSG Sky Chef and Norduyn the aircraft cart: won the "2010 Crystal Cabin Award" green cabin, health and safety of the ultralight category awards trolleys, using UV resistant Ultem resin production extrusion profiles and latch, while using toughened The Noryl * resin production framework and other components. "Crystal Cabin Award" is the only innovation in the aircraft interior in recognition of excellence of international awards.

    ? Sell CabinI nteriors GmbH (Zodiac Aerospace Group's) kitchen equipment: Sell the new generation of ovens using Ultem resin replaced by parts integration of more than 30 metal parts, thereby reducing the weight of the oven and reduce costs. Ultem resin is used for positive and the door of the toaster, coffee machine before the drip tray, and a cup of punch, the front of the oven with the door and the pot, drinks machines and water heaters. Ultem resin can improve the design freedom and color matching.

    ? Pilatus Aircraft Ltd new cockpit: the world's leading single-engine turboprop aircraft and aircraft training system manufacturers PilatusAircraftLtd. In the cockpit of its new high-end manufacturing in selected LexanF6000 plate. Compared with thermoset materials, this material can provide superior OEM processing, coloring and dimensional stability, and in line with industry requirements.

    About SABIC Innovative Plastics.

    SABIC Innovative Plastics is a leading global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, for the most pressing challenges facing our customers provide breakthrough solutions with 75 years of experience. SABIC Innovative Plastics now has billions of dollars in assets in over 35 countries / regions with branches of its global workforce of 9,000. Through collaboration with our customers and constantly invest in new polymer technologies, global application development, process technology and meet the automotive, electronics, construction, transportation and health care needs of many industries of environmental protection solutions, continuing a leadership position in the plastics industry. The company's portfolio can be described as a wide variety, including thermoplastic resins, coatings, specialty compounds, film and plate. SABIC Innovative Plastics ( is a petrochemicals manufacturer Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), a wholly owned subsidiary.

    On the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation.

    SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is one of the world's major petrochemical products in the polyethylene, polypropylene, advanced thermoplastic materials, sugar alcohols, methanol and fertilizer production, is the global market leader. SABIC in Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific region has its manufacturing base. The company more than 40 countries / regions with branches up to 33,000 employees worldwide. In addition, the company has a large research resources in Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, India and China, with 18 specialized technology and innovation sector. SABIC's net income in 2010 reached 21.59 billion riyals (57.3 billion U.S. dollars), annual sales revenue totaled 152 billion riyals (405 billion).

    * SABIC Innovative PlasticsIPBV trademark. by the commercial aviation industry sector Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) formation. ATAG is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is the only representative of all sectors of air transport industry, the global association. Its mission is to promote the sustainable development of the aviation industry, to benefit the global community.

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