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Large character inkjet printer technology breakthroughs of the advantages of

    Large character inkjet printer in the food industry widely used in food packaging production date, expiry date and batch number and bar code printing. Large character inkjet printer technology breakthroughs, and the advantages are:

    1. Control platform, user-friendly.

    Inkjet printer electrical systems are an indispensable part of the control platform is more stable and user-friendly,ratchet tie dowm and its operating platform that is fully similar to the computer keyboard, and control interface for all products and software systems the same user on different machine operation and use.

    2. Printing continuous extension of the range.

    In addition to a large character inkjet printer to complete the "mission", but also through a number of parameters adjusted to close to or into the small character inkjet printer and high resolution inkjet printer's operating range. The same time to complete some small characters and high-resolution inkjet printer of the printing work.

    3. Solenoid valve long life.

    Another solenoid valve is a critical manufacturing inkjet printer technology, in the areas of DOD inkjet printer, Maixiu Adams first raised the issue of electromagnetic valve life. Maixiu Sri Lanka through theoretical calculations, laboratory tests and user experiments, has pushed life expectancy of 6 billion and 30 billion times the solenoid valve. A new generation of large character inkjet printer using a solenoid valve solenoid valve 3.0 billion times.

    4. Dustproof and waterproof design for easy maintenance.

    Whether in the course of inkjet printer, or storage time, can be very good to prevent dust and moisture intrusion, even if the user seal machine for some time, again it does not block the nozzle.

    5. Split design for easy replacement.

    To split the design, nozzles, controllers, ink system design and installation of all separable. External photoelectric switch, serial cable (RS323) connected directly to your computer, enabling simultaneous printing and production lines.

    6. Jewel nozzle, printing effect is good and durable.

    For the inkjet printer, the nozzle is the most critical parts of a direct impact on the quality of the printing head results. ① gem finish the nozzle is very high, drop by the resistance in the fly process is very small, which ejected the font nice, smooth, soft; ② very hard because the characteristics of stones, the wear resistance of the nozzle is much higher than the metal mass .

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