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LED street lighting, Guangzhou Rui inferior quality sampling

    April 7 news, spot checks showed that the Guangdong Bureau of Quality Supervision, sharp light LED lights of inferior quality.

    To ensure product quality and safety, a few days ago, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province, production of LED lights and LED lights with light controller products for a special supervision and spot checks, spot checks showed sharp nominal lighting by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Co The sharp light LED lights unqualified, unqualified project for external wiring and internal wiring, dust and water resistant, insulation resistance and electric strength, the initial luminous efficiency,ratchet tie dowm power terminal disturbance voltage.

    The sample of Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou and other cities 35 7 production of LED lights and LED lights with light controller, a total of 50 batches of products, product sampling batch pass rate of 44.0%, mainly for failure: radiated electromagnetic disturbance (30MHz-300MHz), insulation resistance and electric strength, dustproof and waterproof, surge (shock) immunity, external wiring and internal wiring, power supply terminal disturbance voltage, lamp electrical properties, the initial luminous efficiency and so on.

    Scientific and technological innovation lead into the intelligent grid density.

    High-density city in Shandong Province, the road on both sides of large tracts of wilderness, Tower Block, set up a silver line extension to the distance, which makes clear this ancient land is glow with vitality.

    City Power Supply Company is the density of Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of territory, Block 2, has a 220 kV substation and 110 kV substations 11, 35 Block 13 kV utility substation, with a total capacity of 1.32 million KVA substation, transmission and distribution Line 2081 km. In 2011, high-density city of Shandong power system supply company representatives on behalf of the State Grid Corporation of commitment to build a comprehensive smart grid pilot project unit, carry out the "Rural business management with optimization of transfer pilot project" construction, and was identified as the Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation " 2011 expansion of rural power distribution automation pilot intelligence unit. " March 2011, the State Grid Corporation of advanced scientific and technological progress to promote the work of county power enterprises and the rural power network to create intelligent project start will be held in the city of density, high density city by the State Grid Corporation of power supply company in 2011 as the National Advanced County science and technology power supply enterprises to create units.

    So, what density stride into the power grid is based on intelligent? Liu Haiqing Gaomi power company manager tells the secret, "In recent years, high-density city power company to actively promote scientific and technological progress, vigorously strengthen power grid construction and upgrading, we have found a rural power grid feasible way of intelligent building."

    Scientific and technological innovation lead the network information.

    Power density in the bright hall emergency command center, with staff operating under the Directive, just a few seconds, the big screen at the same time there will be 110 kV Brother Yao Zhuang Station, the eastern outskirts of 110 kV station, 110 thousand V Liquan stations, 35 kV double-sheep station six substations of the screen. This is the beginning of this year's high-density grid completion and opening of the emergency command center, scheduling the staff is watching the power grid scheduling screen.

    Information technology in the power grid, the high density city power company is not a "fellow travelers", but a cool thinking and active practitioners. The company developed and applied, "county power supply enterprise management automation system," the marketing, production, finance, and decision making systems into which the various information silos for the data integration, all of the information flow on a single platform, the target program management, resource management, production and management, assessment analysis and management, party and government work group management, decision management systems and has been running the scheduling automation, financial management systems into one platform operation, the formation of more than 1,000 large-scale system of 6 modules covering production and operation management of the entire process, not only to solve the information "islands" of issues, and played a supporting decision-making, indicators automatically form, business process controls and other effects, and the company with various departments, supply the information between the networking, the sharing of information and data to effectively improve the modern enterprise management level. The system in June 2005 formally put into operation, the first open county-level management of power supply enterprise automation pioneer, was named 2006 "Shandong Business Management Innovation Award", "Innovation in Weifang City, the outstanding achievements of modern business management award "and the 20th in Shandong Province Enterprise Management Innovation award. In 2010, the company through the application of the system, strengthen management of various expenses accumulated savings of more than 600 million.

    Gaomi power company power and effectiveness of the changes which affect the 21 factors to conduct a monthly analysis of the formation of "analysis of economic activity," the whole process of economic operation have been effectively controlled. The project was incorporated into the Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation best practice database, the State Grid Corporation also organized the compilation of this as a blueprint for a "County of power supply enterprise economic activity," a book.

    Gaomi also standardize and improve the power company electricity marketing services into the information construction, 95598 in the full application of the voice service system, based on the development and application of the anti-tamper monitoring capabilities with comprehensive automation of large customer service system to achieve metering device, transformer online monitoring and emergency alert information, statistical analysis, load management, remote meter reading six functions; and the joint development of rural credit cooperatives, the silver electrical interconnection system, with all the urban and rural electricity users real-time collection, bulk withholding function, greatly enhance the work efficiency; development and application of geographic information system GPS satellite positioning, transmission and distribution lines to the city to conduct a comprehensive GPS data collection, transmission and distribution grid and to achieve the user's computer information management and sharing of information.

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