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Takeshige independently developed CNC gantry drilling machine to fill the gaps

    After a year of hard work, CNC milling force re-group, developed with independent intellectual property rights developed new dedicated CNC Gantry Machine --- ZK5540 long drill. booster cables Recently, the equipment has passed the user's pre-acceptance, well received. Currently, this device will be sent to offline users,battery clip will address the process of China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing complex process in the key play an important role.

    ZK5540 CNC Gantry Drilling Machine is a heavy force under the requirements of China's Dongfang Electric Corporation tailored for nuclear steam generator plate processing,tow rope CNC Gantry long drill. This dedicated "machine tool" for the development and manufacture of successful development of China's nuclear power industry has made important contributions.ratchet tie dowm ZK5540 CNC Gantry long drill in the beam power of speed boring and milling head configured with 5 feed axis (any axis can be linked), processing width of 4.5 meters, up to 9 meters Gantry machining, processing hole diameter 10 ~ 40 mm, can be a multi-bit processing card installed or used concurrently on eight axial-position processing, accuracy up to 0.05 mm between holes, is the porous tube plate machining ideal "tool" for our CNC gantry milling or drilling Drilling class family, added to a "novice" to fill the gap.

    It is reported that, ZK5540 multi-axis CNC Gantry Drilling import substitution, and the price is less than 50% of imports. This equipment for domestic initiative, advanced technology and high efficiency. One widely adopted internationally recognized and foreign well-known manufacturers of the latest technology, with international advanced level of similar products, is an efficient, high precision, high reliability, high speed, high dynamic response and high stiffness of advanced equipment. The machine is mobile gantry milling machine was developed based on the eight-axis milling and drilling high-speed spindle system, first of all it has significant efficiency advantages. Reasonable adjustments to the spacing between the drill shaft to maximize the use of eight axes simultaneously to drilling would be greatly improved production efficiency, so businesses will bring considerable economic benefits. Second, the machine tool, highly automated, multi-axis, a good control accuracy and high precision processing. The high-speed spindle machining, drilling, high efficiency, good hole wall roughness; incumbent detection in real-time monitoring of drilling quality and bit to cut the case to ensure the safety drill (to drill in the drill will not break or cause other abnormal ) to ensure zero waste. At the same time without having to stop testing, secondary processing time savings, improved processing efficiency. In addition, the distance between the machine tool spindle eight adjustable to meet different hole spacing of the tube plate processing; the machine can also be configured to achieve attachment milling head or boring boring milling cutter, a machine used to achieve a part of a forming and key core processing technology breakthrough.

    Background Links: World in advanced industrial countries as early as 70 years in the last century, began processing nuclear power tube plate technology and equipment to conduct the research, numerical control technology and monitoring technology, so that the tube plate processing equipment towards the efficient and rapid development of high accuracy, particularly Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries of the fastest growing product in the technology to achieve a very high level. This machine in China has not yet designed and produced, if buying from abroad, the same performance eight-axis gantry drilling needs tens of millions of yuan, not only need spend a lot of foreign exchange, but also constrained by the international technology barriers.

    Wu heavy equipment industry as the backbone of the State and is responsible, has the mission to replace imported China-made equipment development, in particular, focus on industry development Yanzhi users Ji Xu's Gongyizhuangbei, Fa Hui Zhong Yao out of Minzu backbone of the role. At the same time, this is a dedication to the revitalization of national military equipment manufacturing industry, the direction of accelerating the pace of technological innovation lies.

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