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« LED street lighting, Guangzhou Rui inferior quality sampling Speed ??to quality by the machine tool industry or over 10% in 2011 »

Concrete pump truck with a crane domestic export opportunities facing

    China concrete pump truck and crane will face export opportunities, and other products subject to emission standards for construction machinery is still difficult barriers to export to Japan, so the benefit small.

    Concrete pump is the use of continuous pressure on the concrete along the pipeline transportation of machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Form of the structure is divided into piston, squeeze-type, hydraulic diaphragm. booster cables Pump installed in the vehicle chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflection of the placing boom to form pump. Concrete pump truck chassis is made to transform, which is installed in the chassis movement and power transmission, pumping and mixing devices,battery clip fabric devices and other assistive devices. Through the power of concrete pump power transfer case will be sent to the pump power of the engine group or rear axle, push the piston driven hydraulic pump concrete pump. Then placing boom on the truck and pipeline, the concrete delivery to a certain height and distance.

    From the parts production perspective, this supply of the Japanese earthquake less impact on its hydraulic pressure, but caused some damage to the engine capacity. Mainly by the Japanese Kawasaki hydraulic parts manufacturing, and its production base away from the hydraulic earthquake hit farther, so the domestic supply of hydraulic excavators produced little effect. And the earthquake in Japan of the engine capacity of some enterprises cause some harm, domestic machine manufacturers may be subject to the future impact of upstream capacity. Production from the whole view, as Komatsu in Japan's construction machinery vehicles, tow rope spare parts and engine capacity is weakened by the earthquake, and its production of engineering machinery products in China is very likely sold back to Japan, the domestic OEMs or face larger domestic and overseas market space. In particular, because of China's higher cost of concrete and cranes, exports to Japan are expected to increase, while the bulldozers, loaders and other machinery required for emissions fail to Japanese standards, is difficult to export to Japan.

    Equipment for nuclear power from the earthquake's impact, the current explosion Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit One is chemical explosions, nuclear leakage of small, but the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the direct blast of nuclear fuel rods, there is essential difference between the two. Therefore, we tend to think that this nuclear contamination caused by the earthquake in Japan event and will not directly affect China's nuclear power development plans, but have a negative impact on its forward speed. Fukushima nuclear power plant due to the leakage of cooling system failure, and the Chinese AP1000 uses passive cooling system, cooling system failure probability is low. Therefore, domestic AP1000 nuclear power technology roadmap may accelerate, Shanghai Electric is a major nuclear equipment AP1000 technology transferee, with the AP1000 to accelerate, the expected long-term benefit.

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