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Speed ??to quality by the machine tool industry or over 10% in 2011

    Recently, the China Industry News reporter on the operation of the machine tool industry in 2010 and 2011, interviewed industry trends in China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president Miss Berlin.

    He said that the central economic work conference stressed the changes in mode of development, speed up structural adjustment, improve quality and efficiency of investment, and strictly control investment in industries with excess capacity, prevention of new low-level redundant construction. This will make the industry more concerned about the quality of investment, rather than the pursuit of investment in fixed assets. Machine tool industry in 2010 the rapid growth of its base increase will also affect the growth rate in 2011. ratchet tie dowm Therefore, the machine tool industry in 2011, the growth rate should not exceed 10%. In the past 2010 years, the industry's accumulated industrial output value of 553.68 billion yuan, an increase of 40.6%.

    Encouraging growth in imports is worrisome.

    Statistics from the sub-sector data, metal cutting machine tool industry 130.6 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 34.3%.

    Production of metal cutting machine tool 755,779 sets, including CNC machine tool production reached 223,897 units, up respectively 33.1% and 66.7%.

    Forming machine tool industry, industrial output value of 40.75 billion yuan, an increase of 42.2%. Production of 261,488 units forming machine, CNC machine tool production reached 12,207 units, up 18.0% and 8.1%.

    The other hand, import data, 2010, total imports of machine tool products, a record high, reaching 15.72 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 62.0%. Among them, metal processing machine tool imports $ 9,420,000,000, an increase of 59.8%; and the highest point in history over the same period in 2008, but also an increase of 24.4%.

    Machine tool exports $ 7,030,000,000, an increase of 48.4%; including metal processing machine tool export 1.85 billion, an increase of 31.3%. Did not reach the best level in history in 2008. Deficit of metal processing machine tool import and export of 7.57 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 68.6%.

    Analysis of export data, we can see three features.

    First, the monthly export volume of machine tool growth year on year, but the metal processing machine tools machine tool products, the growth rate is lower than the growth rate.

    Second, the structure of export products to be further optimized. Last year, exports abrasives sustained rapid growth of small industries, total exports reached 1.53 billion, up more than 100%, and cutting tools, tools, machine tool industry in small industry as the largest amount of product in the two types of products exported, accounting for machine tools Tools products for 44.5% of total exports.

    In these two types of products, low-grade abrasives and cutting tools and other resources, a large proportion of high energy consumption products. The relatively high value-added exports of machine tools are getting smaller and smaller proportion, only 26.3%.

    The structure of export products industry anomaly has not been effectively changed.

    Third, NC metal processing machine tool export price continues to decline. A larger decrease in horizontal machining centers, machining center, CNC grinding machines, CNC punch and so on. In addition to appreciation of the renminbi, the enterprises in the fierce international competition in the race to keep the prices down is one of the factors.

    In short, the sharp rebound in exports of machine tools The main reason for signs of a recovery in international markets, especially emerging markets and faster growth in Asian markets, in addition, low base last year is also a rapid growth in 2010 to form one of the reasons.

    But at the same time, the financial crisis impact on exports of machine tools still exist, the situation is not optimistic. Weakness in foreign markets, China's main export low value-added products, RMB appreciation, increased production costs, so that a substantial reduction in export profits. Therefore, accelerating the adjustment of export structure is still in the future long-term strategic focus.

    In 2010, the domestic machine tool imports in 2008 with record growth of 27.8% over the same period is also a record.

    This is due to the low base last year, machine tools, metal processing machine tools in particular have more than one monthly import growth rate of more than 100% year on year. The one hand, domestic machine tool products are also not fully meet the domestic demand, on the other hand with the further opening of markets, and the state to encourage imports, balance of trade policy, imports of machine tools is expected to remain high for some time.

    Uncharacteristically, the import price of CNC metalworking machine tools dropped significantly year on year. In 2010, NC metal processing machine tools on average import price of 14.2 million in 2009 to 21.3 million in 2008 to 15.1 million.

    Association believes that in 2009 the domestic market is mainly driven by the national key investment projects, demand for high-end CNC machine tools, resulting in a substantial price increase compared with previous years. 2010, the domestic market demand for products of various levels have increased significantly, particularly in low-priced imports from Japan increased client machine, so pull down the average unit price of imported machine tools. In addition, the domestic industry lags behind in features import and export are also tracked. CNC equipment, machine tool fixtures, metal forming machine tools components, gauges and measuring instruments are there significant growth in import volume growth beyond the amount of imports.

    This reflects our features, measuring meter huge market capacity and demand more and more detailed level of classification. The functional components of domestic industry is lagging behind.

    Association believes that the current rapid growth of machine tool imports, indicating that China's huge demand for high-grade products, strong purchasing power. China's enterprises should seize this opportunity, how to replace imported products, and advanced the concept of service learning and work hard to achieve structural adjustment, change the mode of development goals.

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