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« Speed ??to quality by the machine tool industry or over 10% in 2011 Shandong and Shanxi Shanxi in steelmaking coal to the steel field could repeat the story »

Power generation equipment industry, there are seven major expectations of the domestic machine tool

    "To meet the power generation equipment industry needs, in addition to gradually increase domestic CNC machine tools in the trust, machine tool industry should also further improve the efficiency, accuracy, and gradually overcome the numerical control system and other weak links." Chinese Academy of Engineering Liang Weiyan recently on China Industry News reporter stressed said.

    In recent years, the domestic machine tool industry and effectively support the rapid development of power generation equipment industry, but can not be denied, to meet the needs of its high-end, there are still some deficiencies. Then, as one of the main users, power generation equipment in the field of machine tool industry in China What has really expect? The next step in the development of the machine tool industry, what kind of suggestions and requests?

    Recently, ratchet tie dowm this reporter interviewed the power equipment industry insiders, let us listen to the most intuitive user experience and the most urgent requirements.

    There are basically meet the deficiency.

    Turbine power generation products are heavy machinery, precision equipment, the weight of large size, complex structure, components and more (up to tens of thousands), usually in a high temperature and pressure conditions of unsteady flow of media work, work speed up to 3000rpm, require long-term, stable , continuous operation, the service life of 20 to 60 years --- high efficiency, high reliability necessary requirement for the turbine mechanical parts with high precision and quality, that is, necessarily requires high efficiency, high-precision CNC machine tools to be guaranteed.

    As soon as possible to reverse the machine tool industry "big but not strong" situation, the country will develop high-end CNC machine tools included in the "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006 ~ 2020)" identified one of the 16 major projects, the purpose of developed that focus on aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment and other high-end CNC machine tools needed to meet the needs of major sectors of the domestic mission.

    It is understood that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, "high-end CNC machine tools and manufacturing equipment based on major projects," a total of 268 research topic, arrange funding for more than 90 billion yuan in R & D staff over 10,000.

    "National major project proposed to develop high-end CNC machine tools, the so-called 'premium' to reflect the cutting speed, precision, reliability, stability, etc.," China's Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. Dongfang Electric Group, one insider told this reporter, Overall, power generation equipment to meet the processing demand, the domestic CNC machine tool industry has a lot of progress in these years, localization is also a gradual manner.

    In Liang Weiyan view, the current China-made CNC machine tools has been basically able to meet domestic needs. "Five-axis milling machine has been developed out, but users still imports most of the products of Switzerland, during which there is a gradual confidence-building issues."

    In this regard, an old China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, experts also said to this reporter, "Now almost all of the domestic machine tool can be used, but the high-end CNC machine tools and a machine can not keep up the processing center also abroad."

    Mentioned five-axis milling machining center, the steam from the East, told reporters, "At present, there are also made, the East is also doing its own steam, but the reliability and processing efficiency and accuracy are not as good as Switzerland, Germany, and foreign equipment failure rate relatively low. "

    "Meanwhile, large gantry boring, milling, or import more," he said, such as the length of 12 meters, width of 7 meters above the gantry milling, boring bar diameter to 260 mm or more boring. "

    "Small quantities of CNC machine tools for power generation but the precision is high, the current number of devices reached the domestic requirements, but the user is willing to choose to import, which requires domestic machine tool companies continue to improve technology, improve product quality." Electric Association Expert said.

    Seven recommendations directed at the soft underbelly.

    So, the next step how the machine tool industry to better meet the needs of power generation equipment in the field it?

    In this area, compared to power station boilers, generators, steam turbine of higher precision machining and more strict, so to say from the steam turbine business line is also called the most representative of the. The mention of this topic, the people from Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. emotions.

    Based on many years of front-line experience, he dished out seven to this reporter suggested, or is to:

    First, focus on improving the level of numerical control equipment, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of power generation equipment manufacturing industry and level.

    China's manufacturing sector to the power from a big country, top to bottom, Made in China to create the changes, we must rely on technological innovation. The current rapid economic development makes significant changes taking place in manufacturing technology, but China is still only a non-innovative products manufacturing country, depending on labor, prices, resources, and other areas, only a place in the low-end products.

    CNC machine tools is the key to modern manufacturing equipment, is related to the status of national strategies and reflect the comprehensive national strength of the important basic industries. "To meet the demand for power generation equipment manufacturing industry, the state spends a lot of dollars to introduce numerical control machine tools, CNC equipment to China's rapid growth. But with Germany and Japan compared to China's manufacturing industry of digital technology level is still too low. Face the challenge, and strive to improve the level of numerical control equipment, control of high speed and efficient finishing technology has great significance. "he said.

    CNC machine tool market demand is growing. The source, for example, gas companies in recent years such as the East of CNC procurement transformation and reconstruction after the earthquake a large number of imports of CNC machine tools, according to incomplete statistics: East gas imports in 2006 was 118.7 million yuan cost of CNC machine tools, up to 7.438 in 2007 billion in 2008 and 2009 was 10.6 billion yuan (including reconstruction).

    In this regard, the experts of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, also told reporters that electric fields are faced with the relocation of many enterprises or the expansion, but also to achieve transformation and upgrading of products, etc., which require a large number of advanced machining equipment, the industry is demand for very large CNC machine tools.

    Second, the machine tool industry in China to study and solve the bottleneck problem of CNC machine tool production, focus on improving the features of CNC machine tool design and manufacturing standards, to speed up research and development of numerical control system.

    China's machine tool industry is one of the weakest link in numerical control systems, CNC machine tools and it is equivalent to the "brain." "A lift control system, we think that Siemens, Fanuc, etc., and their CNC software is powerful and stable, the domestic high-end CNC almost all are imported."

    It is understood that the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, our country has developed a CNC multi-axis multi-channel, bus-type high-end CNC equipment products, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., etc., have completed 50 sets of open-all-digital high-end CNC equipment production .

    "China's CNC system developed rapidly, but after all, just started industrialization, still in its infancy, still catching up abroad."

    He said that, in addition, the gap is also reflected in the mechanical and electrical integration, "in the high-speed cutting, the foreign transfer can reach thousands or even tens of thousands turn, ensures the efficiency of processing, speed, accuracy, but the domestic transfer speed of only a few thousand, foreign technology as mature. "

    The current production situation in China is a feature of the developed machine tool manufacturers, professional manufacturers less R & D team is not strong, not a series of product features, brand-name products too little development time is too long. But to quickly produce high-quality CNC machine tools, we must first high-quality CNC machine tools quickly and magazine production, mechanical hand, spindle cells, such as ball screw and linear guide rail features.

    "To address these bottlenecks, we must change the mode of production and industry structure, countries should support the features of the professional factory, focused on the design features and process methods, increasing research and development of numerical control system." He stressed.

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