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Shandong and Shanxi Shanxi in steelmaking coal to the steel field could repeat the story

    National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of the persons concerned in the "2011 China's steel Planning Forum", said the country is the preparation and implementation of the 18 national key special planning.
    Involved in the steel industry is the "productive forces and the adjustment of planning" and "industrial restructuring and upgrading of planning", "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the steel industry production capacity will be the northeast, north, east and quantity adjustments, South, Southwest same amount out of the west appropriate context for the incremental development of regional distribution, the formation of about 100 regional Iron and Steel Group.

    First half of 2011, ratchet tie dowm the steel industry consolidation is sweeping the country. Central level, local government, local giant, in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, all the struggles, the story turns a new integrated iron and steel staged.

    Successfully promote the "coal", the Shanxi government officials have a wealth of industry experience and proven path of restructuring. Steel in the local area, the scene is also about to begin integration of drama. Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group ("the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group") and Shougang Group, are great expectations by the local government integrator.

    Shanxi's "coal" story, whether in the steel industry again?

    "Two giant" pattern.

    By the Shanxi Province Economic and Information Technology Commission ("the Commission by letter") led "reorganization and integration of the steel industry in Shanxi Province Implementation Plan (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "integrated program") shows: "Twelfth Five-Year" period , the province will carry out large-scale steel industry restructuring and consolidation; to 2015, will be formed to Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group and Shougang Group, based Changzhi "double giant" pattern.

    "Integrated program" followed the path of the Shanxi coal to: merger of the main government-designated, and in accordance with the merger of the main region of the "sphere of influence."

    Among them, the TISCO Group will Jinzhong, Linfen, Yuncheng, Luliang regional reorganization and integration of iron and steel enterprises, to the steel industry in Shanxi, the proportion increased to 80%.

    By then, TISCO annual production capacity will reach 40 million tons, sales income of more than 2,000 billion yuan, 8 in the national comprehensive strength. If the integration goes well, it will be following the Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Iron and Steel Group, after a provincial and regional steel giant.

    Shougang Iron and Steel Group is merged with Changzhi, Shanxi iron and steel accounted for 20% share.

    The information from the display view, the integration of the two subjects, both state-owned enterprises; be integrated objects, mostly private enterprises.

    Commission by letter reporters learned that in Shanxi Province, in this program before April 15, 2009, the Shanxi provincial government passed the "Shanxi metallurgical industry restructuring and revitalization plan" has a clear idea of ??the integration. That time, it is pushing SHANXI "coal", when in full swing. The integration program is the embodiment of previous ideas and add.

    TISCO "anorexia."

    Different and Hebei, Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group is the only provincial State-owned steel companies, integration soon as he started, we should line incorporated private enterprises, "Ken Gutou" stage.

    Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group has a long history in the founding of its predecessor, the Northwest steel plant existed before, has reached 1978 million tons production scale. Around 2000, TISCO gradually to determine the "stainless steel strategy." Is the National People's Congress Chairman Li Xiaobo, China in 2011 "two sessions" also proposed that "the stainless steel pipe for city water system materials."

    Since the high steel profits and the high threshold, construction material production of TISCO's not interested in public private enterprises. Years ago, TISCO has acquired another local state-owned enterprises Linfen Iron and Steel Company, its products mainly to plates.

    In Shanxi before the Government announced the integration program, Li Xiaobo publicly said, "How to strengthen the main industry, we propose a goal - is to take the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Division into a stainless steel, cold rolled silicon steel, rail steel, High Strength Steel based competitive production base for high-end boutique. "

    Hope in the integration as a government body, the acquisition of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group has assumed a posture of: the group "" Twelve Five "scientific position" draft, has proposed a "high-quality iron and steel enterprises mergers and acquisitions in the province," the strategic orientation.

    Progress so far can be called only Taiyuan and Taiyuan Iron and Steel Qingxu County reached Meijin "trust" agreement framework. Knowledgeable person, the long-term loss of steel Meijin, Meijin Group had intended to sell the steel plate, but the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group bid too low, not the formation of an equity transaction.

    Meijin Group's main business is the coke, after Yao's family, three generations of efforts, has grown into one of the largest private enterprises in Taiyuan. Yao is now the company lies in the hands of third-generation Yao Jinlong, in the "2007 Regal list", he gave 6.69 billion yuan worth of top 81; Meijin Energy (000723.SZ) has operated successfully in the Yao backdoor "Sky Electric "listing.

    In 2003, Yao Jinlong United States to study the second year after returning from the United States Kam Steel started. 2007, U.S. Steel has formed Kam annual output of 100 tons of iron, 150 tons of steel and wood production capacity of 1.5 million tons.

    The end of 2008, the international financial crisis, the United States under the huge loss of Jin was forced to stop production of steel.

    Yao who is familiar with the steel industry in Shanxi Province, who said that time Yaojin Long that is the idea of ??selling the steel business; coincides with the Shanxi government-led integration plan of steel, they came into contact with TISCO, "but the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group and sincerity, Yao Jinlong on offer is very dissatisfied. "

    May 2009, and TISCO in the "negotiations" stalled on the occasion, but once the steel came Meijin, and Beijing's private enterprises to General Steel restructuring. Public information, General Steel was formerly a village in Tianjin Chuang sheet plant in Daegu, the boss called Yuzuo Sheng, August 2008, after Diego was removed, the Transfer to the New York Stock Exchange Main Board.

    Shanxi Province, officials told reporters that the Commission by letter, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan Steel and the U.S. government is trying to promote the essence of the steel re-Jin, but unable to do so, ultimately, ended in a hosted manner.

    Shanxi Antai Jiexiu in the steel, the same, and TISCO long negotiations, but no progress. "(Integration scenario) of the main (TISCO Group) restructuring how much power is a major factor between success and failure." Shanxi Province Modeling the Investment Division of the Commission by letter that "integration program" needs further discussion.

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