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« Shandong and Shanxi Shanxi in steelmaking coal to the steel field could repeat the story Natural Gas Pipeline of equipment to achieve breakthrough »

Oriental steel annealing and pickling electrical installation project is completed

    April 10, China Metallurgical Group has completed the nineteenth steel annealing and pickling Oriental electrical installation projects.

    Nineteenth China Metallurgical Group in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Orient constructed of stainless steel annealing and pickling steel engineering electrical installation started on March 31, the installation progress in severe civil and steel structure behind the case, ensure quality, security progress, creating effective, stainless steel annealing and pickling Orient all members of the project department of one mind, the way in overcoming the poor, the weather turns warm again, lack of strength construction and many other difficult circumstances, overtime, three days will Churu Kou two Dianqishinei more than 170 surface enclosure,ratchet tie dowm 13 transformer all in place by the owners and the supervision of praise.

    Sha Steel Baosteel price adjustment, "opposing" cold case reflects the automotive steel.
    Baosteel is observed when the industry since the first cut since last September whether ex-factory price, when the role of industry leader, April 11, to the construction of steel-based largest private steel mills began to sing Sha Steel Group was "anti-tune" This more or less beyond market expectations.

    Reflecting different pricing strategy steel, steel in different areas showed "several happy some unhappy" situation. Currently, the state canceled the auto market some of the relevant preferential policies, the automobile market compared with last year "cooling", a greater demand for high-end board significant decline in growth in the automotive industry, thereby inhibiting a greater demand for automotive steel . Meanwhile, the state of the real estate industry to increase regulation, also affect the sales of kitchen appliances, home appliances and thus make use of steel demand is also to some extent "freeze."

    However, the contrast is due to seasonal factors, beginning in areas of construction steel demand usher in the traditional peak season. "April is the construction of the project started, the terminal demand will gradually heavy volume, stocks will pull to the process of acceleration of steel, the latter will shock the domestic steel market prices rose slightly." Which some analysts said.

    Demand for construction steel usher in spring.

    April 11, Sha Steel mid-price policy introduced in April, which, rebar and wire rod prices by 50 yuan / ton; disk Lo price increase of 70 yuan / ton. "The ex-factory price is because the pre-set lower than market price, the price adjustment mainly on the price of repair." Sha Steel Group Sales Department is responsible to the "Daily News" reporter explained.

    On the same day, Hebei Iron and Steel Group in mid-April in the order issued policy will also be part of its building materials made steel by 50 yuan to 200 yuan a slight increase; and Wuhan Iron and Steel Company shares issued in May 2011 the price of steel products , the hot-rolled products of weathering steel coil will be cut by 100 yuan / ton.

    This reporter learned that the price adjustment reflects the respective enterprises in different areas of the current steel market supply and demand changing.

    Hebei Iron & Steel Group Handan Iron and Steel Branch who plan information, said in an interview, Sha Steel major markets in the east, the price adjustment does not affect the company's sales. "Compared with the previous year, sales of our steel buildings also line, sales planning and scheduling depends on how long the row last month, we have two million tons this month ranked the 5 million tons, an increase of 2.5 times."

    Tianjin, a large steel trade enterprise of middle managers also said that now the price is in the upward adjustment phase, overall volume is much better than the beginning. "Sales growth in the number, I do not have specific data, but it does the increase, and now the key is not to say the number of additional orders, but how many of the goods that we can put out."

    "The current volume is indeed on the mend, there have been seasonal demand pick up the characteristics of that, four gold and three silver steel consumption has been reflected the effects of season, but the latter part of the sustainability of demand remains to be seen." A trade research institutions, who said in a press interview.

    Data show that, as of April 8, the major domestic market, the average price of 25mm rebar second quality product in 4861 yuan / ton, up 51 from Friday yuan / ton; 6.5mm high speed wire average price in 4785 yuan / ton, on Friday, up 43 yuan / ton. The price of intermediate demand stimulation is also very obvious in the middle hands, trade has also increased than before.

    The Sha Steel official told reporters that the current level of steel prices has been higher than the same period last year, "We have orders for the whole year, dealers are getting goods according to plan, the current sales situation was good."

    However, the reporter found that in the consumer market into the season, needs a favorable turn, the domestic construction steel capacity release remain high. Survey data show that major domestic companies in April plans to produce steel, round steel 11.07 million tons, representing an increase of 145,000 tons in March, average daily production chain plans up 4.7%; plans to produce wire rod, plate screw output 6.89 million tons, compared with 3 May increased by 313 thousand tons, average daily production chain plans an increase of 8.3%.

    Because construction of steel production continued high steel prices has not lightly reverse a major constraint, the analysts say.

    Automobile market saw a drop to get the car of steel "freeze."

    And construction steel usher in the "spring of hope" different, greater demand for high-end automotive sheet but significant decline in growth rate.

    China Automobile Industry Association on the 10th to the latest statistics show that a quarter of this year, domestic car sales total 4,895,700, and 4,983,700, an increase of 7.48% and 8.08%, an increase of 69.51% over the previous year and down 63.7%.

    Automobile Association of Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang believes that the first quarter of this year's increase in domestic car production and sales decreased, mainly due to withdraw from the purchase of tax incentives, higher oil prices, the purchase of vehicles in some cities, Japan, earthquake and other factors. "Japanese seismic impact on the Chinese car industry is comprehensive, not limited to Japanese cars. As Japanese auto companies re-production of information is not clear, it is difficult to fully assess the impact of the earthquake in Japan." Dong Yang said.

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