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« Oriental steel annealing and pickling electrical installation project is completed Annual performance by the organization as a whole gains across the board favored field appliance plate »

Natural Gas Pipeline of equipment to achieve breakthrough

    A second switch 84, one minute high 5040 rpm speed, explosion-proof operation frequency of 20 MW high-speed synchronous motor frequency control explosion in Shanghai Electric Group Shanghai Electric Machinery Works Co., Ltd. recently successfully developed to achieve our domestic Natural Gas Pipeline's first sets of key equipment breakthroughs.

    April 8, energy conservation, the National Energy Board, deputy director of science and technology equipment, Oriole, chief engineer Sui Bin China Machinery Industry Federation and China National Petroleum Group and other experts,ratchet tie dowm through a technical evaluation of this product.

    This ultra high-speed synchronous motor explosion Frequency is based on "National Energy Board Pipeline key equipment on the localization of the functional organization of work", and November 23, 2009 National Energy Board held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing " Natural Gas Pipeline localization of key equipment 20MW electric drive compressor unit level development contract, "the development, signed the contract signing ceremony with the trial conditions, developed and manufactured. The product with the composition of SBW electric drive compressor compressor for national West-East Gas Pipeline Project and other long distance gas pipeline project.

    State Second West-East project is central to expand domestic demand, the deployment of a series of landmark major projects, the introduction of China's first large offshore natural gas pipeline project, total length of over 9000 km, is the world's longest cross-border gas pipeline . In accordance with the requirements of engineering construction, Second West-East must build world-class engineering, but also to promote completion of major technologies and equipment independent of the demonstration project. However, long-distance transportation of natural gas as a realization of the "heart" of equipment, long distance pipeline compressors are foreign SIEMENS, GE, or dominated by companies such as ABB, currently running online equipment are imported products. Therefore, the long-distance pipeline compressors developed to guarantee national economic security, promoting China's oil and gas industry and the equipment industry's core technology is of great significance.

    Has successfully developed the world's first dual water cooled Turbo's Shanghai Motor Factory, established in 1949, through decades of accumulated technology, is accelerating the introduction of enterprise from the business transformation to an innovative, already have the design manufacture of the industry's top international products.

    Commitment to the development task, the Shanghai Motor Factory R & D, manufacturing, attaches great importance to the project. In the National Energy Board and the China Machinery Industry Federation under the guidance of the plant and the China Petroleum Pipeline Company and work closely with the research and development unit, established by the General Manager in command, led by Chief Engineer R & D and manufacturing team. Meanwhile, according to design, technology, manufacturing, testing and other needs, the establishment of a number of Task Force to tackle the problems; the establishment of special funds of funds, for research, equipment updates, system transformation and prototyping.

    As proof of 20 MW high-speed synchronous motor frequency control of new products, technical content, the difficulty of making very high, also the motor industry, figuratively, "the crown jewel." In the design, manufacturing process of the product, the Shanghai Motor Factory direct-driven compressor used to run way, not only improves the operation reliability and efficiency of the unit, but also achieve significant energy savings. Meanwhile, in product development, manufacturing process, plant concluded a number of advanced manufacturing technology and process control measures approach, with the conditions of mass production of such products.

    Identification of the Committee agreed that the product designed, excellent performance, the overall reached the international advanced level, some performance indicators have reached international advanced level; Shanghai Electric Group Shanghai Electric Machinery Works Co., Ltd. technical equipment and advanced test equipment, complete quality assurance system is perfect, with mass production conditions.

    It is understood that, due to China's natural gas construction has entered a rapid development stage, according to state, "second Five-Year" plan, long distance natural gas pipeline from West line, after successively West second-line, and west line, west four-lane, Shaanxi-Beijing three lines, which are broad prospects for application . As a result, the next few years, the demand for domestic high-end motor will be the Shanghai Motor Factory building world-class facility in the new market.

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