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Annual performance by the organization as a whole gains across the board favored field appliance plate

    As of April 11, 2011 Annual Report of Household Appliance basic baked finished.

    Read the Annual Report is not difficult to find, 2010, in home appliances, and energy subsidies, trade-in a series of policies to continue "to force", the white goods good performance of listed companies in the collective gains across the board, especially the performance of the leading Annual Reports very bright, and black appliances listed company's annual report is little worry, a mixed blessing; small appliances to high-growth, but increased differentiation; home appliance chain development does not change the sound character, develop stable.

    In 2010, ratchet tie dowm the overall performance of listed companies rosy appliances.

    Overall, domestic appliances in 2010 to 25 listed companies reporting good news in the home, accounting for up to 86%, a new high.

    In the white area in 2010, Gree 60.8 billion in revenue, an increase of 42.6%, net profit of 4.28 billion, an increase of 45.1%; the U.S. electrical appliances 74.6 billion in revenue, an increase of 58% net profit of 3.13 billion yuan, up 69%; Qingdao Haier to achieve the main income of 60.588 billion yuan, up by 35.56%, net profit of 2.035 billion yuan, up by 47.06%; Little Swan achieve 11.2 billion yuan revenue, an increase of 65.7% and net profit of 507 million yuan, an increase of 78.7%; Chi holding the 2010 high turnover 8.468 billion yuan, an increase of 41%.

    In the black area in 2010, Changhong to achieve the main income of 41.711 billion yuan, up by 32.59%, net profit of 2.923 billion yuan, up by 146.20%; Hisense Electric net profit in 2010 than 2009, 4.98 billion yuan over the same period more than 50%; TCL to achieve the main income of 51.833 billion yuan, up by 17.03%, but net profit of 432 million, up by 7.98%; and Ha China revenue grew slightly, but net profit fell 39.84%; deep Konka expects net profit fell.

    In small appliances, the 2010 million and total revenue of 2.293 billion yuan electrical business, an increase of 32.27%, net profit of 186 million, an increase of 47.76%; Supor operating revenue 5.622 billion yuan, an increase of 36.60%, net profit of 4.04 billion yuan, up 30.12%; revenues of 5.35 billion yuan yang September, an increase of 15.3%, net profit of 5 .9 billion, down 3.1%; boss electrical operating income of 1.231 billion yuan, an increase of 31.84%, net profit of 134 million, an increase of 64.17%.

    In terms of home appliance chain in 2010, Suning Appliance sales income 75.504 billion yuan, an increase of 29.51%, net profit of 4.011 billion yuan, an increase of 41.25%; Gome, sales income 509.10 billion yuan, up 19.3%, net profit of 1.962 billion yuan, an increase of 39.25%;  ST triple operating income of about 878 million, an increase of 5.52%, total profit 23.72 million yuan, an increase of 171.78%.

    Appliance industry challenges ushered in opportunities.

    White goods, this year 2-4 quarter, domestic demand remains strong, the growth rate is still high, worth the wait. First, third and fourth level contains a large consumer market potential, "home appliances" just push the hand; second, continued to push forward urbanization, rising disposable incomes, will increase the demand for residents updated appliances, and upgrade the obvious characteristics; third , as the "second Five-Year" period, 36 million sets of protection of housing construction will continue to promote the opening of appliance installation rate increase; In addition, the appliance exports promising.

    In black, the domestic supply of color TV industry has gone through lack of preparation in 2009 and 2010, after suffering the high-inventory in 2011 will be towards more robust and rational direction.

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