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Marketing Strategy: 2010 to promote the new brand strategy


     Born in the back of each brand, not only from the competitive power business, it is constantly increasing business expansion ambitions territory. We are the envy of many companies Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Microsoft,booster cables Wrigley and other successful multi-brand strategy to build the perfect business expansion territory, but ignore these successful before the formation of multi-brand strategy, business expansion should focus on how the territory introduction of new brands.
    If not successful launch of new brands, then there is no so-called third, fourth and so the formation of multi-brand strategy.

    Therefore,battery clip enterprises how to successfully launch new brands, brand strategy seems to be more critical of business critical. The successful launch of new brands, means that companies may build business through a multi-brand strategy to expand the territory, but also means that enterprises can continue to grow and develop.

    First,tow rope the conditions for launching new brands.

    Bring about a condition that may cause many businesses pessimism. But in our road toward the new brand when,ratchet tie dowm or contemplating whether we have sufficient conditions to win this multi-brand strategy, a key battle.

    1, the enterprise has the absolute advantage of the brand occupied category.

    Category only has the absolute dominance of the leading brand, has launched a new brand to be eligible conditions. As we all know that building a successful brand is a difficult thing, not to mention we are talking about the brand new condition. Li Ka-shing said that day he had fallen down and also to ensure a brand is to make money.

    In a category, and after a long intense commercial race to develop the final category are only two equal brand. At this time, category mature market trends, the emergence of a natural category also holds an absolute leading brand category. The leading brand will undoubtedly have the best conditions for launching new brands. Cola category the birth of the United States from 100 years ago, after long-term development category formed the Coca-Cola and Pepsi compete pattern.

    At this time, cola category-leading brands Coca-Cola have launched a new brand on the conditions. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola launched a new brand strategy improper, not too many highlights so far. Only fruit juice to create a category Maid to be considered as a successful new brand case.

    2, the brand belongs to category significant downward trend.

    In nature, biological growth must follow a certain life cycle. Similarly, the brand belongs to category also has a certain life cycle. Category development may largely through birth, growth, maturity, decline of the four life cycle. In the four life cycle, there is no obvious distinction between the length of time.

    When the category of the competition after a long, two major brands have appeared equal situation. So, very little brand competition to participate in this category. This category is mature, there are slowly moving trends in the recession. The most obvious place is the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-cola owned category. Raise awareness of health spending as customers, and other categories (such as the herbal tea category) division, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola's global sales trend of declining year after year, naturally driven "two music" continues to seek new opportunities for the brand.

    Brand category belongs significant downward trend, it is easy to be reflected in the new class emerged. Sixties and seventies in the 20th century, a bike is a high-end travel tool, then have a bike, simply is a luxury consumer, let alone in rural areas are often used to pick the bride. But with the market developments, new types of vehicles and aircraft development, cycling brands such as Forever Bicycle, Phoenix bicycles and other bicycle brand launched the second product as not missed the golden opportunity.

    The most significant downward trend in the category high-tech fields, when the typewriter is also popular when the new class of computer division broke the typewriter's dream. Wang was once synonymous with the typewriter company, although the means to significantly decline category, also adopted the strategy of introducing new brands, but no grants a new brand name of the company's collapse led to Wang.

    3 extra invested enterprises.

    In this world, will never lack of good ideas. However, even the world's best ideas, if not enough funds to launch the new brand also did not have the condition.

    New brand, means that customers face a group of strangers, in order to open these strange pockets of customers, not only when you open pockets to pay a lot of money, but after opening the purse, you want to consolidate the new brand in the customer's mind cognitive advantages for customers endless pocket, also need a lot of money.

    If businesses do not rush so much money the new program, even if vigorously take the early market leader, but in the absence of financial support, the new brand will be a "slippery slope". Create a "non-fried" new class of grain temple instant noodles is the case, in the pre-segmentation "fried" instant noodles category where a great success, because no extra funds to maintain the brand's position in the customer mind, plus Competition rivals, "complaints", grain temple fell only be acquired by the end of grain. If the grain temple in excess of funds, the outlook also makes a different matter.

    Moreover, grain is not in the true sense dojo new brand, a new brand can only be said that the funds are facing such a dilemma. This seems to SMEs can be very cruel fact, but SMEs do not have to be too pessimistic. At this stage, for most Chinese enterprises, including SMEs, to introduce new brands Sihuyici luxury consumption, it is better to concentrate resources on a regional or a brand on, not to Zhuiqiu atmosphere of vigorous competition in the Shang Ye, Shi Ji mature in the prevailing circumstances to wait for launch new brand.

    Second, launch a new brand strategy.

    When companies launch new brands with sufficient conditions, then, how to take the right strategy to introduce new brands as a key to success. This is even stronger and even Coca-Cola has continued to experience the "Waterloo", worthy of our companies have to introduce new brands Attention!

    1, the best and the leading brand differentiation.

    At any time, the brand is differentiated are useful. However, the fact that many of our corporate brand, tend to stay in the pursuit of better product differentiation, or simply the selling points difference, did not dig deep differences with the leadership of the brand.

    New brand, no doubt the face of everything is unknown. In particular, customers may ask, this is what they want to find a frame of reference (leading brands) to compare. Therefore, the best new brand strategy is to create links with the leading brands, contact is not the best way to mimic or follow the leading brand, but with the leading brand differentiation. HEDY successfully created a "non-cola" category, is to find and Coca-Cola contact with Pepsi, "two music" is caffeine, no caffeine HEDY natural connection with the leading brand of "two music" resulted in differences of.

    However, most companies launch new brands, have the courage to attack the status of their leading brand position, or other leading brands, leading to new brand without any contact with the leading brand differentiation, naturally, not in the mind has built customer awareness advantage of the brand new push is not surprising failure!

    2, tap new class.

    General introduction of new corporate brand, is nothing else than the original category has matured, or occupied by other competitors. Therefore, the introduction of new brands to tap new class of enterprise as much as possible, away from the original category of differentiation.

    Mining new class is not like now, like most businesses, a new class starting as a category name to create a new class, we think we can reap the "shot of benefit" the. As everyone knows, digging new class, the differentiation is based on the original category, the customer in mind to create a cognitive advantage. The world is now more popular drink One number, that is, using the original beverage categories continued differentiation of the opportunity to create a customer in mind called "fruit vinegar beverages" new kind of success.
    As science and technology are changing, fingerprint recognition technology to lock into. Liang Xiaoping built Keylock Lock this kid is the use of commercial opportunities for differentiation, leading fingerprint lock the new class of segmentation with the original key to the door with a mechanical lock, to build a brand new generation of fingerprint lock.

    3, enable the new brand name.

    Many companies launch new brands, like using the original brand name, that brand equity in the full use of the accumulation. In fact, these enterprises are in the dilution of the original brands to build customer awareness mental advantage. Coca-Cola is the case, the introduction of "low-calorie cola," Diet Coke in this category when the new brand, Coca-Cola can be further from the completion of a new brand name, the result uncertain prospects Diet Coke. Pepsi so different.

    Opening of the new brand new brand name is the key point, settling down from the commercial rivalry of the case analysis and research among those who enabled us to develop a new brand name launch of the product are given long-term business development. In the United States market, either Honda or Toyota, customers in the United States in mind the establishment of economic, small cars cognition. Honda and Toyota would like to introduce a little expensive cars, and what is not known or upper Acura Honda Toyota, but the opening of the new brand were Mingakula and Lexus has become the most popular in the United States imports of Japanese luxury cars.

    Enterprises also need to remember, Do not enable the new brand name similar to the original brand name terms. Such as creating a "liquor" category Wuliangye, although understood to enable the new brand name, but the opening of the new brand name and 5 m liquid with related words, such as spring Wuliangye, Wuliangye alcohol, Wuliangye God, five lakes solution , VI fluid, etc. The result is a new brand name products enable not sell more than in May food liquid, to a certain extent, still vague Wuliangye created in the customers mind cognitive advantage.

    4, concentrated single product.

    Mao Zedong summarized the key points victory over Japan, is to rely on preponderance of force. Participated in "Waterloo" war, author of "On War" and Clausewitz said: "The concentration of superior force, no matter where, should be first and try to do this." Business is war, just for the battlefield exactly the same principle used in shopping centers, introduction of new brands also need to focus on a single product.

    Especially in the case of corporate brand new, is already part of dispersed resources, then they scattered resources if Dispersion, then play the role to himself small. World Number One previously mentioned may be faced with a problem in the world Number One focus of bottled products, the world Number One sales an absolute advantage. But with the launch of World No. One canned products and increased competition, the future development of the road in the world will naturally Number One trouble, if opening of the new brand name canned another matter.

    Create a "functional drink" Red Bull is to focus on a single product model, but in new packaging products, also contrary to the principle of a single product focus. Now the best selling energy drink Red Bull is still the single Hunan lotus seeds canned products.

    5, new market segments.

    Introduction of new brands, often create a potential consumer, this potential energy consumption is in fact a new market segment.

    Although promotion strategies from the market point of view, box of Wong Lo Kat seems to be canned Wong Lo Kat to add. But to some extent from the analysis of Wong Lo Kat be boxed Wong Lo Kat's new brand. Wong Lo Kat excavated because "prevention is lit drink," the new class, from red river north and south, the Wong Lo Kat in 2008 to more than 10 billion in sales beyond the canned Coca-Cola became the first tank, take the herbal tea that the Chinese cognitive advantages of most mental resources. Box of Wong Lo Kat herbal tea from the category, the breakdown of the domestic situation of the new market, compared to canned Wanglaoji has price advantage, and now a good momentum of development.

    Old and new brands do not think the market with leading brands split cake, cake confuse the market large, unfortunately not turn of the new brand. Opportunities for new brands often overlooked in the leadership of the brand or market segment can not be taken into account.

    As the saying goes, everything is ready, only a strong wind. When the enterprise has the new conditions and well versed in the brand new brand strategy. At this moment, to achieve expansion of the territory of enterprises, entrepreneurs need only have enough courage and strategic vision of the.

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