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Yu Zhengsheng visit to Germany to visit Bayer, Evonik and other enterprises

    April 14 (local time), German President Wulff presidential palace in Berlin, met with Jia Qinglin, Shanghai Party Secretary Yu, the two sides had a friendly conversation.

    Yu Zhengsheng said that German companies in recent years, growing business in China, many companies have chosen to set up regional headquarters in Shanghai to speed up the process of establishing R & D or technology center. Believe that the future bilateral cooperation will be in Shanghai, "second Five-Year" plan to create better results under the framework. He was actively involved in the Shanghai World Expo in Germany thanks. Wulff said the president, German-Chinese relations are now in a good period of development, he hoped that both sides work together to further expand areas of cooperation between the two countries, ratchet tie dowm including the development of new energy and new materials utilization in the global economy recovers the case of joint development .

    Previously, Yu Zhengsheng met with German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Bruderle, the two sides agreed that the close economic and trade exchanges between China and Germany, great potential for cooperation, both sides will provide more economic cooperation business channels and opportunities.

    During the visit to Germany, visited Yu Zhengsheng Siemens, Volkswagen, Bayer, Evonik Industries, Schenker, Deutsche Bank and other well-known multinational corporations and financial institutions, and with the company to further improve cooperation quality and level of in-depth discussions. Yu Zhengsheng also attended the Commission by letter of Shanghai, Shanghai Electric and Siemens on the smart grid demonstration and application of strategic cooperation framework agreement on further cooperation in the field of new energy agreement, the Shanghai Automobile Group and Volkswagen on the electric cars and C-Class development of the Joint Declaration and the introduction of Volkswagen's most advanced vehicle platform and engine technology framework agreement, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and the Bayer Group Bayer Shanghai Chemical Industry Park to advance new material base for investment and development cooperation agreement, and the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and win record Industry Group of intent agreements seven cooperation projects signing ceremony.

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