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Hardware & Electrical Lighting Zhuzhou area to carry out a special inspection of law enforcement

    Further standardize the market economic order, combating violations of intellectual property and selling counterfeit and shoddy products, business practices, April 12, Zhuzhou Intellectual Property Office Intellectual Property Office and the Shifeng joint action on the Zhuzhou Mall (Hardware & Electrical large market) special law enforcement inspection of patent.

    The market is mainly engaged in metal and electrical products, products related to the motor, wire and cable, electrical switches, lighting, etc., a total of more than 230 shops, more than 60 kinds of brands. Examination, law enforcement officers issued to the merchant, "to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy products, promotional materials special action" to promote the purpose of the special action, ratchet tie dowm tort and legal liability and other related content, with an emphasis visited Guipai electrical, Schneider monopoly, Chint Electric, the West German electrical, electrical cable value, gold lighting and many other brand stores.

    After a site inspection found that generally law-abiding businesses to comply with the market order, to prevent counterfeit goods have a certain understanding, a strong sense of brand and trademarks, this inspection did not find three non-infringing goods and counterfeit products.

    "In addition to a new house smell" start-up companies earn hundreds of thousands every year ..
    The first step: first, the whole house.

    "Set up a company is indeed a strange combination of circumstances, it is because they have allergic rhinitis." Office in Maoyebaihuo, from Leshan Lai Yu Liu entrepreneurial venture is about his embarrassing history.

    July 2008, he was a pharmaceutical company in Chengdu, a general sales staff. Once, he went home to visit friends, go soon, feel a shortness of breath. Old friends, new house renovated in a hurry to stay more than a month, the taste of home, too, so that he can not stand this old rhinitis.

    Liu is the medical knowledge told him that the newly decorated house most of the excessive levels of formaldehyde, the use of ventilation or a simple way to remove the smell of the activated carbon absorption, the effect is not obvious. To this end, he suggested to a friend, or a strong photocatalyst spray can quickly remove the harmful gases dissolved enzymes.

    "Since you know so much better than their practice of a professional company." Friend's recommendation to allow fringe is moving and the heart. Thus, in October 2008, he and his classmates formed a partnership in Chengdu, technology companies, professional removal of the main project is a new house and new furniture brought old house smell.

    In early 2009, Liu and partners are breaking up. He alone came to Chongqing, the incorporation of the company, and quickly earned a pot of gold. The end of 2010, Liu was more than 4,000 sets of new houses for the city clean smell, whether it is between 30 to support a single square meter, or 300 square meters of single-family villas, all in accordance with his 10-30 yuan / square meter charge, when the turnover of reached 20 million yuan.

    Step two: then the vehicle sub.

    In addition to taste the house doing business in full swing, the bangs are they playing the new car idea.

    He checked the vehicle purchase tax in 2009 data, only the main city of nine districts understand that every day more than 700 vehicles to new cars. And how many new cars have some odor, if it can open the market should be very promising.

    Liu is the survey found that many people buy new car, usually placed activated charcoal, shell, etc. In addition to taste, but the effect is not good. Some people buy a bottle of 300 yuan and efficient purification of antibacterial deodorant agents, but they often used up, resulting in waste, so he aimed at this gap.

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