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Things Smart Home to create new opportunities for applications

    Smart home industry is an emerging industry, but also high-tech industry, and domestic intelligence represents a trend of social development, a mainstream, smart home industry will surely become the next round of new growth points of economic growth. At present, China is still home appliances Things initial stage of technological development, but the trend is obvious to all intelligent home will be a collective development effort.

   ratchet tie dowm GKB's new digital single-family homes smart home, the Great Wall (Greatwall) released the independent research and development of smart home products, well-known brands TCL-Legrand electrician named "Otter" smart home is about to market. Home appliances business, computer technology, the manufacturing sector have joined in this smart home market, war, more than that, the major domestic and international communications provider will also be put on the agenda of things, smart home market ushered in a new round of outbreak, the market more competitive.

    The difficulties of cross industry collaboration is an issue we have mentioned. Smart home industry, not just the security industry, it is also inseparable from the development of home appliances, IT and systems integrators closely is the only way to integrate their own unique advantages, playing a new world as soon as possible, which is a species extent hindered the pace of development of smart home. The face of endless possibilities of smart home market, enterprises should implement cross-industry cooperation, integration of the true sense of the advantages of each other as soon as bigger and stronger, it can be said, who can basically cross-industry cooperation, whoever entrenched the market.

   The tide of things under the smart home industry in China has broad prospects and the world, is a sunrise industry, the present trend analysis, expected within the next few years will have a hundred million families worldwide to build intelligent, comfortable and efficient domestic life. Construction Ministry plans to more than 60% of 2011 new houses have a certain "smart home" feature, so intelligent home is becoming a big industry, it contains a huge market potential.

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