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BASF / Bayer selected list of corporate social responsibility in China

    "Fortune" (Chinese edition) has just been completed for 100 Chinese companies and foreign companies in China to rank corporate social responsibility, as a cover story published in the March 2011 Journal of particular concern to China on the one of this list salient features; assessment of foreign-funded enterprises in China based on their performance. "" Fortune "(Chinese Version) 100 2011 ranking of China Corporate Social Responsibility" results:

    Top ten local enterprises are: COSCO Group, China Mobile, Lenovo, Sinopec, Baosteel, China Minmetals Group, Shenhua Energy, China Coal Energy, China Construction Bank, Bank of China.

    Multinational top ten are: Dell, Royal Dutch Shell, Toshiba, Intel, BASF, General Electric, Samsung, Nokia, Ford, Sharp.

    In their respective industry-leading companies are: Ford, BASF, Toshiba, General Electric, Shell, Unilever, ratchet tie dowm Wal-Mart, Dell, Nokia (foreign), China Southern Airlines, the Shanghai Baosteel, Zhuhai Gree China Construction Bank, COSCO Group, Sinopec, Lenovo, China Mobile (local companies).

    Was found: the performance of eye-catching oil and gas industry.

    Oil and gas are two types of foreign and local companies one of the best performing sectors. Foreign investment, the industry's average score higher than the overall average of 12%. For local businesses, the figure is 15%.

    Found two: the leading U.S. companies ranked.

    Standings 50 foreign-funded enterprises from three geographic regions: Asia (21), Europe (16) and the United States (13). Among them, U.S. companies scored the highest overall. Moreover, the top 10 enterprises in four from the United States, including the top-ranked Dell.

    Found three: Ranking the leading enterprises in China local enterprises.

    Among the local top 10 list, 9 are state-owned enterprises. Much like a series of government-led guidelines on corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as SAC's "central enterprises to promote social responsibility guidance."

    Found four: the promotion of international standards and contract.

    International standards and contracts, such as the UN Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in China, helping Chinese enterprises to promote implementation of large corporate social responsibility practices, improved reporting behavior. List of local businesses, more than half of a newspaper quoted a guide. Among the top 10, quoted as high as 100%.

    Between foreign and local enterprises the gap.

    Foreign-funded enterprises and the standards in a number of outstanding areas, especially the communication of corporate social responsibility, environmental management, labor relations and other fields.

    Score differences are larger Chinese enterprises in the supply chain management and human rights in particular.

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