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Lionel Ni: government and enterprise integration development needs of Things

   April 12th, the 30th regardless of computer communication at home and held in Shanghai. The meeting was within the four seas of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) sponsored a care about the machine, movement, communication and influence within the areas of academic conferences at home and one of the largest.

    Since its inception in 1982, regardless of computer communication at home and the meeting held once a year, Hong Kong was held in 2004, the 23rd session. If this is the direct examination of the meeting held in the Chinese mainland, swept by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
    This year's meeting was chaired by the skills of experts in digital TV, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Wenjun,ratchet tie dowm Microsoft Research Asia, director of static and dynamic performance of key technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University Distinguished Professor, University of Hong Kong as Chair Professor Lionel Ni, side by side. Lionel Ni gap in the General Assembly as a newspaper reporter's interview. In view Lionel Ni, the manipulation of things is the most critical issues, namely, combined to make things, so that people could feel the benefits of things.

    The Internet of Things "hot" phenomenon, Lionel Ni, said: "The cities of things to develop and build smart city is absolutely a good thing, but do not aim too high, the target is too high. Initiative of the local government can follow the characteristics of your city, choose one or two Highlights do. such that you can focus on being smart, Hainan tourism. "

    For the future development of things, Lionel Ni, exaggerated, which should be a resolution for the government to put funding for style of things. Models from project to knot the full process, the government needs to be more fair assessment of preparedness "sensibilities taste" and other ingredients into the evaluation process parameters. This talent to make a healthy return investment funds, "The key is to make good results."

    Lionel Ni, said: "Things do not only depend on the government, enterprises should also be involved. An emergency government is to distinguish what skills do and what companies do. For example, the Government can do a lot of data to collect the data center, which is in the very things A critical juncture, can only rely on the government to do. get data, you have to rely on corporate to be denounced to and manipulation skills. "

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