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High frequency switching power supply design of electroplating

    Abstract: According to the work of electroplating power, we proposed to achieve the selection of high-frequency switching power supply circuit program. I practice in recent years the application of research on the more successful in practice ZVSPWM soft-switching scheme for a more in-depth job analysis, describes the advantages and disadvantages.

    1, the electroplating electroplating industry technical requirements of power.

    Electroplating industry is a major key equipment Electroplating power, its performance will directly affect the quality of the plating process is good or bad product; same time, the electroplating industry is a major energy power, ratchet tie dowm so power is a high-quality energy efficiency of the electroplating industry decisive factors, the green power also have important implications. In electrical performance, the electroplating power is low voltage high current devices require simple, can withstand mutations in input and output short circuit, overload and shock during operation. Also because of the power supply work in the pH, humidity and other harsh environments, the stability of the plating power, reliability, interference, corrosion resistance and other requirements are also more important. These are designed electroplating power must be considered an important factor.

    High frequency switching power supply and rectifier power compared to conventional, high efficiency energy saving about 20% to 30%, about 80% of the provincial timber 90%, power density (output power 1A current needs of the traditional material of 0.5kg ~ 1kg, while the switch mode power supply just 0.06kg ~ 0.12kg), and adjust the dynamic characteristics and control characteristics of a good, small footprint, manufacturing, processing, less so. Plating Power output power requirements (usually more than the output current to 2000A), electroplating industry application switch mode power supplies for energy saving, savings are a significant effect of measures.

    2 plating power supply main circuit structure.

    Plating electrical power supply to meet the technical requirements of their condition, should maximize the use of simple, stable and reliable technology solutions. The high-frequency switching power supply to obtain high power output, but also from all aspects of the circuit design must take appropriate measures to ensure the power output requirements.

    Therefore, direct use of its working power three-phase 380V AC power. After a three-phase bridge rectifier, filter, switching power supply as the input power. As required output power, the main circuit power converter bridge circuit to be used to achieve. Because high-frequency transformer bridge circuit allows only one primary winding, through the forward, reverse voltage, get forward, reverse magnetic flux, the best use of the transformer core and winding, efficiency and power density are higher ; In addition, the power switch to withstand the maximum back pressure can not exceed the supply voltage; use the power switch at both ends of the four reverse body diode, without setting energy recovery winding flyback transformer can resume use of energy. So select the bridge power converter circuit.

    3 soft-switching converter with the need for the program.

    Using the bridge circuit in the power converter under the condition of the structure, according to the switching state of switching devices, usually switching power converters can be divided into two categories: hard and soft switching converters switching converters. The PWM pulse width modulation converter, for example, by changing the switch to turn on the length of time, that change the pulse duty cycle to achieve the output voltage and output current adjustment, PWM switching technology with its circuit is simple, convenient control and access to the wide range of applications.

    Early PWM switching technology, the electronic switch is a "hard switch" shown in Figure 3. The opening of the power switch is on or off the voltage or current device state is not forced to zero, and caused great loss of circuit switching and hard switching converters hence the name. It is great because the circuit switching losses, making the high frequency of the PWM switch technology, high-power work by a number of limitations. Hard switching converter limits the output power and switching frequency increase, hard switching conditions of the switching power supply output power of typically less than 10kW, operating frequency is 20kHz or so. For lack of hard switching PWM converters, the late eighties, a new switching converter - phase control of soft-switching PWM converter was put out, and been widely studied.

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