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Lay Solid Long Wave: Dongguan Auto Parts City fire case reveals loopholes in management

    April 9 12 am, noon, Dongguan City, the largest auto parts - Industry International Auto Parts City, Liao Bu Town, Second Street, with a shop floor, suddenly caught fire, the fire quickly spread to both sides of the warehouse, the formation of fire "with business" of the potential .
    There are three floor warehouse fire also burned the first floor of a shop together, and the entire top floor of the smoke shop, hundred meters away to see. As the fire expanded rapidly, resulting in 58 adjacent shops were affected. Loss of billions of dollars, no casualties.

    HC Guangzhou Auto Accessories Network News: International Auto Parts businesses in Dongguan City fire, 58 shops spared,ratchet tie dowm the loss of billions of dollars. Cause of the fire has not yet "get to the bottom", although the fire destroyed, but lit up the city and the major automotive products businesses, "Firelight," the feelings of shock, but more vigilance and peer reflection ... ... HC Auto Accessories Online Lay solid interview Guangzhou Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd. Long wave, he said that the fire incident to its great touch, the following is an interview with Record:

    Reporter: What do you think of Dongguan City, the largest fire in the case of auto parts?

   Long Wave: The case of Dongguan Auto Parts City's fire, be to all shopping malls, markets and other practitioners to alert. We also show deficiencies in certain areas, many overlooked details may cause big mistake. In the use of fire, electricity, gas, etc. Management should increase efforts to enhance fire safety awareness.

   Reporter: from the fire in this incident, do you think should be the most responsible for who?

   Long wave: hot, dry weather is one reason that more responsibility is the management of auto parts and layout of the city. From the reports point of view, the scene the fire from spreading faster than that here is a long-standing fire hazard areas, because as a business premises or storage library must have a fire for self-help facilities. If the rate of spray combustion facility will not work so fast. At the same time because of operational space, items for most bulk display or stacked on shelves, counter, increasing the fuel's surface area, in the event of fire, it will prompt a violent combustion. Coupled with the first fire on the third floor of the middle of the basic similarities and only separated by shelves stacked windows are sealed, and miscellaneous goods and more created Burning the Camps, accelerated the spread of fire and fire fighting more difficult.

   Reporter: This event has brought what you watch, retail operations in the future, how would you increase the safety management?

   Long wave: first unified planning and management of power system, increase the safety of electrical lines and equipment management, finishing shop, reasonable display products and display products, the inspection of fire tools and knowledge to increase employee training fire and so on.

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