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Help the automotive industry the great development of China's machine tool

    April 9, 2011 China International Tool Technology Symposium held in Beijing, the machine tool industry leading experts, China Machine Tool Industry Association, honorary chairman of the training Xuan Liang said China's annual consumption of machine tools over the United States, Japan, Germany, the three major machine tool industry the total power consumption, China is still the world's largest machine tool consumer.

    Machine tool industry is the basis for industrial production industries, is to achieve the most basic means of equipment manufacturing, with the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry,ratchet tie dowm machine tool consumption will continue to maintain rapid growth and increasingly attracting the prosperity of industrial enterprises in the global machine tool market.

    World-renowned manufacturer of the tool head of the day, said Walter, Walter will move to the Asia-Pacific headquarters from Singapore, Shanghai, and China as the center of radiation in Asia.

    In addition, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of 13 machine tool user industries investment statistics show that the largest amount of investment in the automotive electrical industry and electrical industry, and its year on year increase in about 30%. Electric cars and Electric has become a leader in the development of machine tools.

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