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Home computer bodyguard! UPS APC BK500Y early experience

    The UPS (uninterruptible power supply), so a lot of people think it is a necessary tool for the enterprise, and home-computer-related. This impression created for two reasons. booster cables First, most people do not fully understand the functions of UPS, on the other hand because of the relatively high price.
    Most people think that the role of UPS, but when a power outage to the computer power supply can continue to protect our unsaved data. And the hundreds of thousands of prices, battery clip also affected the choice of the family on the UPS. Is that really the case?

    According to IDC statistics, 45% of all computer failures caused by power problems. In China, major cities the number of power outages average 1 every two months, the average medium-sized cities have two times per month, while the average for small cities or towns, 4 times a month. tow rope Power outages not only cause loss of data that we are not saved, but is likely to cause computer hardware failure. In addition, China's power system also exists: lightning spikes, surges, voltage fluctuations, pulse interference 9 major power problems. Today, as we introduced this APCBK500Y type UPS from the perspective of improving the power quality to protect our computers, so for the home computer equipped with a UPS is necessary. The BK500Y less than the current market price is only 200 yuan,ratchet tie dowm a high cost.

    In fact, APC UPS this BK500Y type is designed specifically for families. It is compact vertical design, the overall use of white color style, put the computer next to the look simple, stylish. The bottom of the front panel red APC logo, highlights its advanced power supply from the U.S. manufacturer's blue blood. The top of the front panel power switch, shape like a lovely "big eyes", "eyes" which are transparent LED light, with the audio tone, to achieve a comprehensive work on the UPS monitoring, facilitate the user's routine maintenance. BK500Y offers two behind the battery backup and surge protection socket, just to meet the display and the host of two power outputs. It not only has the power line protection, power supply can be adjusted to protect the connected load from surges, spikes, lightning and other power disturbances. Moreover, also in need of back-up battery to retain power the connected load and run time. BK500Y back also set circuit breaker, a power overload or a computer, but any part of a short circuit, it will automatically "trip" to protect themselves. This home will not affect other electrical equipment, do not have to prepare your fuse or breaker box to switch on the go. You only need to touch the circuit breaker can be quickly reset, operation is pretty easy and fast.

    In accordance with the instructions, I first BK500Y turned on the electricity, then the host computer, the monitor plugged into an outlet on its rear. Remember, we must first open the UPS power supply, then open the computer and monitor. At this time, UPS front panel LED indicator light is green, indicating BK500Y is adjusted using electricity for the computer power supply. This time, it also reserve for themselves to charge the two batteries. Many people turn off the power after the computer habits, in fact, the proper way to close the computer and do not cut off the UPS power supply. Because BK500Y need full 16 hours before to ensure adequate back-up.

    If the computer is open, the buzzer blew tips, but the LED indicator light remains lit, this is prompted to load on our electrical power capacity of more than UPS, though still used, recommended, or lose some electrical load. If the buzzer blew out while LED lights, circuit breakers "trip", indicating electrical overload, we need to BK500Y behind the circuit breaker reset, lose some of the load re-open the device.

    When power failure occurs, BK500Y will be carried out within 8 milliseconds conversion UPS, UPS from the mains supply to battery. At this point, LED indicator light flashes tips, buzzer beep every 30 seconds there will be sound, reminding us Save off as soon as possible. If this time you continue to use the computer, when the UPS battery power only further support for 2 minutes, the buzzer will continue to beep tone, reminding you to immediately save the file off.

    250W in my desktop machine for testing, UPS full battery back-up after the broken electricity, BK500Y adhere to 17 minutes for the computer power supply. Of course, this indicator alone is meaningless. Practical significance because BK500Y not limited battery power on a continuous, its meaning more from the protection of computer equipment and power supply filtering of complex adjustments above. However, power failure, power failure situation, this 17 minutes of continuous power supply enough for us to save the file, and exit windows the system shuts down normally.
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    About APC:

    Schneider Electric, a unit of APC, a global leader in critical power and cooling services provider, for home users, offices, data centers and manufacturing environments to provide the industry's advanced products, software and systems. With its powerful strength, experience, and a wide range of Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services APC network to provide services throughout the entire life cycle of the well-planned, seamless installation and maintenance of the overall solution. Relentless innovation through its unique, APC for the key technologies and innovative industrial applications of energy efficiency solutions. In 2007, APC by Schneider Electric acquired and merged with its subsidiary MGEUPS success as a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, provide critical power and cooling services. APC revenue in 2008 to 2.6 billion euros (including APC-MGE sales of 3.6 billion U.S. dollars), has 12,000 employees worldwide. APC Solutions including UPS (UPS), precision refrigeration products, racks, physical security and planning and management software, including the industry's most comprehensive integrated power, cooling, and management solutions - APCInfraStruXure ? architecture. Schneider Electric has 114,000 employees worldwide and operates in 100 countries, 2008 sales of 18.3 billion euros. For more information about APC's visit, all trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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