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Well-known foreign machine tool enterprises have transferred the focus of development in China

    From 9 April 2011, held in Beijing China International Tool Technology Seminar was informed that China is the largest machine tool consumer, the annual consumption of more than U.S., Japan and Germany Xiaofei sum, while China's equipment manufacturing industry with the rapid development, machine tool consumption will continue to maintain rapid growth.

    According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association statistics, in 2010, China's machine tool industry in total industrial output value of 553.68 billion yuan, an increase of 40.6%, product sales output value of 543.44 billion yuan, an increase of 41.4%. National Bureau of Statistics on the 13 machine tool user industries investment statistics, the total amount of fixed assets investment in equipment to complete all positive growth, ratchet tie dowm with 11 double-digit growth rate in the industry, the largest investment in the automotive industry and electrical industry, electrical year on year increase in 30% of electric cars and two electric machine tool industry is also the main force in consumer products.

    Huge consumer demand and growth potential in promoting the development of domestic industries and enterprises at the same time, attracted a group of overseas development focus will be transferred to well-known enterprises in China.

    World-renowned tool manufacturer Walter official said, following after the previous set up factories in Wuxi, will move to the Asia-Pacific headquarters from Singapore, Shanghai, and plans to China in Asia as the center of radiation. The Chinese market 15 years, the German-funded enterprises in China, the number of employees has increased to 20 times the original, full-time in more than 20 cities with sales staff, sales increased from the ten million yuan to several million dollars.

    Extremely important as an industrial machine parts, Walter efficient production tool is widely used in automotive, aerospace, energy and other precision manufacturing, Walter is in China's development needs in these areas benefit from China's rapid growth.

    Auto manufacturing, for example, only a few from the world-famous Chinese brands, up to now have more than one state-owned brands; from a single model to the present low-volume, multi-models; from the use of transmission power to a new energy vehicles, automobile manufacturers industry in the processing accuracy, processing efficiency, technology, shape, and other aspects of the development of new materials for advanced tool with a high absorption capacity.

    Xuan Liang training, said machine tool industry is the basis for industrial production industries, is to achieve the most basic means of equipment manufacturing in the future as the economy, the equipment manufacturing industry to maintain rapid and stable growth, China will increasingly become an attractive business machine tool industry booming global market.

    See the development prospects in the same time, the industry also pointed out that the current structure of China's machine tool products are still unable to meet domestic market demand for high-end products, there are still some areas the phenomenon of low-level redundant construction, high-end product areas dependent on foreign products higher. Future adjustment of product structure long way to go, you need great efforts to pay people in the industry, but also needs the state to give appropriate policy support.

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