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Employment Guide: Decoding the most potential sectors in the next 10 years

   This year, the countries have formulated the textile, light industry, automobile, steel, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronic information, petrochemical, nonferrous metals, logistics, industrial restructuring and revitalization of the top ten.

    These industries are an important pillar of China's national economy, industrial output and a major contributor to national revenue, the main channel for people to absorb employment, GDP growth is driving major industries a tremendous impact on economic development. With a development perspective, the next few years these industries will make a difference.

    Right now,ratchet tie dowm our concern is the college entrance examination, concerned about their future options: choose what profession, what should they do, the future? The enormous potential to select those industries, it is more objective.

    【Automotive industry】

    Industry and professional decode} {

    Car is actually a means of transport, but the engine is powered by the internal transport, such as cars, SUV, bus, buses, trucks and more. Broadly speaking, can be directly engaged in the vehicle itself and auto-related research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, service, and some financial services, which are known as the automotive industry.

    Undergraduate from the university setting, there are engineering, vehicle engineering services, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, automation, electrical engineering and automation, computer science and technology and other science professionals are closely related with the automotive industry . In addition, there are some, such as business management, marketing, human resources, language and even supporting the professional and managerial classes. The vocational professional, more refined than the undergraduate, such as automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, automotive plastic technology.

    Aspect} {Opportunities

    State Information Center, Ministry of Xu Changming, director of information resources, the current U.S. auto production and sales of China's 1.7 times, according to the present growth rate, China is expected to surpass the U.S. within two years, as the world's largest car producer. From the output is concerned, only the United States and Japan, the world's annual output of more than 10 million cars. China to overtake Germany a few years ago ranked third in the world, at present, and the second gap is rapidly narrowing, with the first one about two years gap.

    When the haze of a global recession hit, the automotive industry with the economic chain, like all other industries escape the fate. The panic in the U.S. and European markets were especially vulnerable. Dieter Zetsche in the global automotive Daimler - Benz New Year's reception speech, lamented: "Everyone feels the pain."

    Relative to the rapidly deteriorating U.S. and European markets, emerging markets in developing countries did not "pain." Although the Chinese market has also crashed a few months in a row down the chain, but a conservative estimate of more than 9,000,000 consumer demand remains so that the world can find hope. From the current situation, no one company lowered its sales target in Chinese market, many foreign auto giants but in a big way to increase investment in China, and has repeatedly stressed that China has become a major economic crisis they are the source of profits. Car event in North America - Detroit Auto Show, China has become an important vehicle to continue to support the force. Some ways in terms of "Made in China" label has become a reassurance to the global automotive industry.

    Yes, crisis = danger + opportunity. No matter what the external environment deteriorated, the domestic auto industry, it may now be turning over the upper of the "opportunity." Sohu's web site for tuning the display for nearly forty percent users believe that the economic crisis is the growth of the domestic auto industry a good opportunity for brands.

    F1 Formula One's popularity contest, "King of Cars" Schumacher fans crazy, driving test popular on college campuses ... ... All indications are witnessing the rapid rise of China's auto industry is.

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