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Classic case of the wiring routing control center in Chongqing railway

    Recently, SIMON Electric, with its superior product performance, professional services skills, once again won the favor of the transport sector, successful implementation of the local railway in Chongqing City, Command and Control management center.

    Dispatching local railway, Chongqing is a business management center, the hotel is one of the buildings and 2 underground floors, the ground layer 25. Among them, 6 to 16 layers for hotel use, the other floors as office space.

    Chongqing Railway dispatch center building construction purpose is based on intelligent building platform,booster cables the establishment of an efficient, comfortable and convenient working environment for the transportation authority to provide a stable, high-speed, secure multimedia switching platform, the main features include: voice communication, data transmission, image and video applications and data sharing functions; the same time, the middle floors of the hotel facilities and services to facilitate the customer's mobile office, entertainment, work correct. Chongqing railway cabling system will be independent of each dispatch center subsystems linked organic, battery clip relatively independent of the original resources and functions to a set of interrelated, a complete system of coordination and harmonization among the telecom operators through a flexible provide interfaces to a variety of ways and Internet connectivity.

    Dispatch center in Chongqing Railway office floors to provide nearly 3,500 information points. Five non-voice communications using ultra-shielded system, the trunk part of the large of number with 3 classes, tow rope and consider the appropriate redundancy; data network communications, including the external network and internal network with the six non-shielded system, the trunk part is enhanced 12-Gigabit Core OM2 multimode fiber optic cable, the physical layer isolation management. Outside the network construction, including Internet, online office, official data collection, etc.; in network construction, including office automation and inter-agency information sharing at all levels of transportation, resource integration. Dispatch center in Chongqing railway reserve hotel floors each 4-cell enhanced Gigabit backbone OM2 multimode fiber optic cable to the network communications services for hotel guests.

    SIMON described in detail below how to construct a set of electrical wiring products, efficient, safe and stable routing system. The design principles:

    Practicality: According to the dispatch center in Chongqing Railway actual needs, focusing on cost-effective to meet the current and future technology development.

    Advanced: The system design uses technology is mature, sophisticated and the product structure to ensure the building's intelligent application in the next 10 to 15 years to date.

    Open: each subsystem should be designed around the control center of Chongqing Railway intelligent integrated management platform, open communication protocols and interfaces, a high degree of integration. Moreover, as long as the Ethernet protocol with the same equipment can access the internal network building, extensions and ports.

    Module - The system design is modular all the connectors should be of standard parts, to manage and use.

    Safety and reliability: the system should be designed to the stability of long-term operation in network backbone transmission medium to provide fault tolerance to ensure reliable operation of the future of modern systems.

    Compatibility and scalability: The system design of the recent addition to planning applications, but also consider the long-term expansion and development plans. Different types of products are easy to integrate, so that the dispatch center in Chongqing railway intelligent system development and progress as technology continuously enriched and improved

    Professional and normative: system design and technology choices are in line with international and domestic common standards. Work area cabling system consists of subsystems, subsystem level, the vertical subsystem, telecommunications subsystem and between subsystems and other components devices.

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