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Small kitchen appliances fiercely competitive electricity into the final cheese

    Currently less than 30% of small household appliances industry, the average gross profit margin has been close to the white level of industry profits, which means competition in the industry as a whole has entered a white-hot stage. However, the contrast is still kitchen electric products up to 50% of the gross margin, which will lead to a number of enterprises in several rounds of hard-fought 2011.

    High profit, low-threshold, less competitive small appliance industry, attracted numerous enterprises "jealous" and to. Especially in the last two years, landing small household electrical appliance enterprises to accelerate the capital market, looking for "bigger and stronger," the path.

    In the small board, it was discovered that more and more small household appliances enterprises the figure, such as Supor (002,032), nine positive shares (002,242), Vantage shares (002,035), Yi Li Pu (002 260), BDO Runda (002005), ratchet tie dowm owner of electrical appliances (002 508), Wan and electrical (002 543) and so on.

    "China Enterprise News" reporter on the small household electrical appliance enterprises access to the 2010 Annual Report found that: with a large household electrical appliance enterprises frequently compared to the scale hundreds of billions of small household electrical appliance enterprises billions of monomer size and there is still a distance. Worrying is the size of the market growth rate of less than products falling profits, market competition has been trapped in a "Red Sea hard-fought." However, up to 50% of electric kitchen of high profit margins, the last of the cheese into small household appliances.

    King of listed companies are singles.

    Perhaps because the United States Xinhua, Glanz and other small home appliances giant did not visit the capital market reasons, the current small appliances of all listed companies, the largest company with annual sales revenue for the Supor 2010 sales of 5.622 billion yuan , followed by nine positive shares on sales of 5.346 billion yuan. Previously, the United States announced at the CLP Group sales revenue in 2010 was 30 billion yuan.

    In addition, Min Tsann B, million, and electrical, BDO Runda, ASTAR three companies have annual revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan, 33 billion yuan, 2.293 billion yuan, 2.111 billion yuan, 20.5 billion yuan. The Vantage shares, boss electric kitchen appliances, and MACRO, respectively, in 2010 revenue was 16.36 billion yuan, 1.232 billion yuan, 13.58 billion yuan, Gree Electric Appliances, Yi Li Pu small appliance business revenues in 2010 were 787 million million, 7.69% billion.

    Interestingly, small household electrical appliance enterprises are currently listed as "singles king." Among them, Supor Cookware manufacturers from the small appliance manufacturers to transition, the two major business revenue reached 2.739 billion, 2.729 billion yuan. Professional cookware with the ASD manufacturer, cookware business accounted for more than 95% this year, step by step through the acquisition of production equipment, small appliances, intends to draw on Supor transition path.

    Nine Yang Soymilk has become truly the king of the sales of its single product of 40 billion yuan, electric pressure cookers and purple clay pot, etc. only 645 million of revenue, while the induction of revenue was 5.83 billion yuan. The shares of electrical and Vantage bosses are "chef electric double king", the former two cooker hood reached 1.147 billion yuan revenue, the latter two revenue reached 10.2 billion yuan, competition is fierce. The million and is a traditional water heater singles champion, gas and electric water heater sales revenue reached 10.8 billion yuan. Prior to Qingdao Haier (600690) 2010 report shows that all of its water heater sales revenue reached 3.125 billion yuan, becoming the market leader in the domestic water heater.

    Kitchen electrical profitable.

    In China, the best selling high-end kitchen power, not foreign brands, but the domestic brands. It is this brand of pattern, directly promoting the domestic enterprises in the kitchen and electrical products to maintain a high profit margins.

    Boss Electric annual report, its hood up to 48.17% gross margin, gross profit margin of the stove of a single product reached 52.07%.

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