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"Chongqing made" water heater certified by the highest standards of international AGA

    "Chongqing made" water heater thermal efficiency can be increased to 95%, heat energy can be reduced by 50%, more than 20% of the national industry standards and meet the global industry's highest standards.

    Patent Week 2011 as the city an important event of the World 500 Bosch Australia Pty Ltd and Chongqing Electric Co., Ltd. officially sauna contract, ratchet tie dowm the total amount of signed orders for nearly 4,000 million.

    According to reports, the city ordered the Bosch "Chongqing made" water heaters, with completely independent intellectual property rights, products have received the highest global standards in the industry AGA certification. "It is five-star condensing gas water heater, water heater thermal efficiency can be increased to more than 95%, while insulation can reduce energy consumption by 50%." Company responsible person said that currently, the product has been registered in India and Australia, two a trademark, and has 20 national patents, successfully exported to New Zealand, the Philippines and other countries.

    In this regard, Yuan Jie Municipal Intellectual Property Office, said that in recent years, Chongqing, increasing awareness of SMEs in international competition, relying on independent intellectual property rights to improve their competitiveness, relying on its own technology, a foothold in the international market. He said that according to the city to encourage enterprises to apply for a patent in overseas policies, Chongqing enterprises to obtain overseas patent most likely to be hundreds of million of subsidies. At the same time, the city will also introduce more policies to encourage more SMEs to implement the city's intellectual property strategy, to overseas, improve enterprise and the industry's core competitiveness.

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