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Spring Fair 2011, significant transactions Hardware & Electrical Products

    China CCCME figures show that as of April 18, 2011 Spring Canton Fair, the accumulated turnover of machinery and electronic products 16.21 billion U.S. dollars, up 10.9% over the previous than the Spring Fair 2010, an increase of 25.2%, accounting for the trade fair a total turnover of 85.3%.

    According to reports, the U.S. group, Guangdong Glanz and Haier Group is the largest volume of the three companies.

    Electrical Association source, April 2011 15 18, home appliances and consumer electronics products,ratchet tie dowm transport products traded momentum. Home appliances and consumer electronic products, transportation products, electrical and electronic products are traded 7.07 billion, 1.41 billion and 6.9 billion U.S. dollars, over the previous year increased 34.4%, respectively, the Spring Fair, 17.9% and 17.1%, machinery and electronic products accounted for three types of product turnover 57.6% of total turnover.

    Trade partners, I EU, BRIC countries, the United States deal with ASEAN accounting for over Liu Cheng. The four major markets accounted for 28.3% of total turnover, 16.5%, 15.2% and 5.7% of the total accounted for 65.7% of total turnover.

    It is worth noting that the Canton Fair, the turnover of private enterprises increased significantly, the highest in the first place. As of April 18, this year's trade turnover of private enterprises in the Electrical and Mechanical Museum over the state-owned enterprises, the total turnover of 7.03 billion U.S. dollars, up 25.4%, accounting for 50.8% of total turnover.

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