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RESCAR 2.0 help improve vehicle robustness of electronic components

    Whether in the automotive powertrain, the central control unit, or in the body and comfort systems, the use of electronic components proportion is increasing, and accompanied this trend is the increasing complexity of the system installed inside the vehicle, which makes the design masters of their programs need to be constantly amended accordingly.

    Now, all aspects of product development from the six partners have to join hands and strive to explore the whole solution. ratchet tie dowm RESCAR2.0 research project (RESCAR is the German acronym, means for electric vehicle applications in the field of new electronic components for robust design) and member of the automotive components to improve the reliability and robustness sex. German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded by the projects into the conduct of "STROM" (German acronym, which means the key for electric vehicle technology) project scope, plan sponsor about 650 million euros, to support The research projects carried out. Together with partner matching funds, this collaborative research project within the next three years the total budget of 1,330 million euros.

    As the automotive electronic components used in the proportion of the growing interaction between the modules is becoming ever complex. Moreover, the central system if you want to cars - such as steering and braking systems - mechanical and hydraulic devices replace the corresponding electrical and electronic components, must comply with strict safety standards. These safety factors and the relationship between components, you must start thinking of semiconductor R & D stage to meet the application requirements.

    RESCAR2.0 electric vehicle systems to optimize the electrical and electronic components of the overall development process, so we can accurately predict from the start of the system robustness and reliability. One of the tasks of the project is to develop a set of components to obtain and process the needs of the new method. Also, the robustness analysis to study the compliance of the new application components. To study the components, including low-voltage analog and digital circuits and high-voltage mixed-signal integrated circuits and sensor systems.

    All aspects of product development from the six partners have joined the RESCAR2.0, they are: Audi AG, BMW Group (associated with the project partners), Germany ELMOS Semiconductor AG, Germany's National Information Technology Research Center (FZI), Infineon Technologies AG and Robert Bosch GmbH. In addition, institutional support for the project include: Berlin Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro Integration (IZM), located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits Dresden (IIS), Dresden University of Technology, University of Hannover and Tübingen University. Infineon is the project coordination unit.

    In energy demand and rising demand for personal mobility in the context, the importance of electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prominent. Electric cars can use renewable energy to help reduce emissions. German Federal Government has proposed to Germany to become electric car production and consumption power of the target, by 2020 electric cars hit the road to reach 100 million. RESCAR2.0 can make an important contribution to this end, because the public want to accept the electric cars, electric vehicle itself must have the performance comparable to conventional vehicles, safety and convenience.

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