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Hunan substation cable caused a truck hung up 8 days power shortage throughout the city

    A substation outside the truck accidentally hang up a communications cable, resulting in a main transformer was burned out, the supply of urban and rural areas spread throughout the Xiangxiang, the city had limited emergency power. Today, more than a week later, the daily electricity load gap Xiangxiang still more than 30,000 kilowatts.

    The evening of April 23, Xiangxiang Springs Town of Castle Peak Village, 65-year-old Zhang uncle sitting home main room, ratchet tie dowm a few candles lit the dim candlelight. Starting from April 16, the lights of his house to become "the next day light" to stop one day power.

    Stephen Town and other towns is not only limited to electricity, urban residential electricity Xiangxiang also been seriously affected. Xiangxiang bus station in front of Master Wang opened a small store. He said that the recent week, the store house of power, after a few hours a day to stop, and wait until the next round of calls to wait most of the day.

    Big truck burnout main transformer cable hang up.

    Why the recent power outage Xiangxiang frequent it?

    Xiangxiang has a 220 kV substation Quantang, bear most of the power supply to the city. The station has two main transformer, the power transformer and then transfer out. 100 meters at the substation on the road outside, there is optic telecommunications cables.

    At 11:08 on April 16, a gauge of this truck no intention of hanging up a communications cable. Cable bounced back to the top of the 110,000 volt power line, resulting in a strong current of the moment, resulting in Quantang substation near short circuit burned out the number two of the main transformer substation, causing a sharp decline in power supply capacity Xiangxiang.

    Than 3 million kilowatt power shortage at the city's emergency power rationing.

    Xiangxiang Power Authority General Office Director Liu Hui Zhou introduced Quantang substation has been in operation for 34 years, electrical equipment is aging. II has been scrapped because the main transformer, can not be repaired, at present, only one of the main transformer substation (ie One main transformer) to run, but the running time of the main transformer One has more than 20 years, the situation is not optimistic.

    To ensure that a single main transformer substation Quantang running Xiangxiang area network security, Xiangxiang electric power to substation, transmission made careful arrangements. But the main transformer by a single power supply capacity constraints, although the provincial power companies and the surrounding request "assistance electricity", but the daily electricity load gap Xiangxiang still more than 30,000 kilowatts.

    Xiangxiang person in charge of the Economic Services Bureau, Quantang II transformer substation was burned, they have thought about buying a new transformer as soon as possible. But such a transformer weighing 200 tons, the volume is very large, from Xiangtan transported to Xiangxiang, through all the bridges must be reinforced, in the short term can not.

    After the accident, Xiangxiang immediately launched the emergency plan, the city limit of high energy consumption enterprises power; every night from 6 pm to 12 midnight on urban leisure and entertainment power failure; sub-segments of the urban population according to four hours electricity a power failure; for rural power lines and sent one day stop; try to ensure that schools, hospitals, key projects of electricity.

    By the end of the new substation will vote "electricity shortage."

    National Taiwan University Xiangxiang a truck but she was trapped in a "power shortage." Xiangxiang City Power Authority, said Secretary Chao-Yun, reflecting Xiangxiang grid is very fragile. "If you now run Quantang One substation transformer is also bad in the evening, the whole city will likely occur Xiangxiang 'Black City'."

    The Li Yun said that the accident caused a power Xiangxiang direct economic losses of tens of millions. The power failure caused a loss of production from the accurate calculation of no. Accident driver has been controlled.

    "4.16" After the accident, Xiangxiang held a coordination meeting, requested to accelerate the north line project supporting the construction of substation, planned for May 10 completed and put to use. By then, the power input capability Xiangxiang will more than double the city completely alleviate power shortage situation.

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