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Hao mysterious medicine shareholders adjourned surprise star shares the wealth myth

    Transfer of the three board business success, wealth carp myth of the dragon flies Serve reality.

    Snapshots of good information, including account, there are five business success among the three panels A shares, making its shareholders rich gluttonous feast, naturally, are looking forward to endless successors.
    At present, still waiting for the trial of the three board issued enterprises, including star Hao Medicine (430071), vertical and Technology (430018), and double Jie Electric (430,049), while their "Blessings leap" is to repeats similar success?

    Is most concerned about the matter before the suspension in the company three plate shares shareholders surprise.

    In the investigation of these shares to be listed companies assault case, the reporter found an interesting phenomenon.

    Arima is different from the purple mystery three board before the suspension of funds have assembled from various quarters, but also from a four-year deal ABC Communications shareholders Feihong reluctant sellers,ratchet tie dowm star Hao medicine in its July 20, 2009 announcement to be listed on the General Assembly resolution, the shareholders ago in the Third Market trading on the few five-stroke appears to be very special.

    This Wubi transactions were in January 9, 2009 to April 21 the same year that more than three months of the trading range, while at 4 yuan / share price agreement deal. And the price was significantly lower than the previous star Hao pharmaceutical transactions in 2008 6 yuan / share price.

    Performance of the company down because lower prices lead to an agreement, or in which a novelty? Who, Star Hao medicine in this carnival of making the rich discounted tickets to catch the last bus?

    Equity offering.

    Hao Xing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Beijing, this was August 16, 2007 began trading in the Third Market listed companies, referred to as Star Hao medicine. According to company information, star Hao medicine is established by the October 2000 original Beijing Star Development Co., Ltd. Hao modern medicine from the overall change.

    Before the landing the three panels, the company experienced in 7 years, 11 change of equity, respectively by the end Shui Huatai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, Beijing Double Heron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (002038.SZ) and Beijing Jiayu Kang Ming Medical Technology Limited holding 83%, 12% and 5%, the registered capital of 57,691,960 yuan.

    However, the three board land gong sounds after the completion of the trading floor, star Hao medicine half silence.

    Until February 21, 2008, companies have three board first deal on the market, and to be completed in another six months after four pen.

    According to the 2008 annual report, natural Zhu Min, Yao Shengxing, Liu Xintao major shareholder of the transferee, respectively Shui Huatai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing 1.12 million, 39 million and 49 million shares, the transferee price of 6 yuan / share. According to public information, medical Hao Star 2007 earnings per share of 0.27 yuan. Therefore, this part of the shares corresponding to the price-earnings ratio in the transfer of about 22.2 times.

    However blink of an eye in 2009, when the company re-traded shares, the price dropped to 4 yuan / share. According to the company's 2008 earnings per share 0.29 yuan in 2009, when this part of the equity transfer price-earnings ratio of about 13.8 times.

    From 22.2 times to 13.8 times, in the case of corporate earnings growth, equity and they were offering. All five transactions in the first three months after the company announced it had intended to promote the resolution of the shareholders listed.

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