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Integration of the United States Xinhua released overseas marketing system program

    Midea Group has announced its second-largest within the industry group the Consumer Appliance Group --- United States and overseas marketing system integrated program: The Division's major functions of a unified integration of overseas marketing, international marketing set up by region, cause Department and Division of ASEAN. Integrated part of the same product line, the new clean and healthy appliance division.

    This adjustment, the U.S. subsidiary of the Xinhua Group Products Division (lighting electric company) to integrate the functions of overseas marketing, international marketing division, respectively, and the establishment of the ASEAN Division. Among them, the International Marketing Division, except the business scope covers global markets outside the ASEAN region; ASEAN Division, in the original establishment of the ASEAN on the basis of the company, the implementation of research and sales integrated operation, focusing on the development of ASEAN beauty brand business. Former vice president of microwave electrical and general manager of overseas marketing, Ma Chi-bing of the International Marketing Group CEO, the former Environment Division,ratchet tie dowm Electric Division, President Jiang Yu-term president of the ASEAN.

    Xinhua beauty insiders said the international marketing division and the establishment of the ASEAN division, the overseas sales division with the production of each separate business unit exceeded the original marketing of the bottleneck resources are more dispersed, unified management and resource integration, strengthen the Group's export business of Xinhua co-ordination and support of overseas markets for specialized regional operations, market focus in the target area while promoting its own brand business. The integration of customer-oriented, like to take this for overseas customers to provide more efficient channels of communication to provide more and better product mix and better quality services.

    Marketing changes at the same time, the United States Xinhua Electrical Division in the original fine under the jurisdiction of vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning care products, environmental business unit under the jurisdiction of electrical air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and other services based on the integration of electrical utilities set up a clean and healthy Department.

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