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Zhejiang Taizhou in the first quarter imports of machinery and electronic products grew 45%

    Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine, according to statistics, in the first quarter, total imports of machinery and electronic products in Taizhou 118 grant, the value of $ 28,320,000, an increase of 45% of the value of the product mainly for the processing center and equipment and other production machinery.

    Slow recovery of the global economy, imports of raw materials prices, effectively stimulated the growth of imports of machinery and electronic products. To this end, truly adhering to help Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine,ratchet tie dowm the purpose of strict control, active play, "information services" effect on the number of key import business training, business knowledge to explain the inspection and quarantine; conducting various forms of mechanical and electrical security consultation ; compiled and distributed pamphlets imported mechanical and electrical product knowledge, providing information and technical services.

    Give full play to "door guard" effect on the import of medical equipment, old electronics, special equipment and other sensitive products to take "100% of the self"; increase the proportion of out of the box test, timely inspection, to ensure that the first time to discover the problem; on the inspection failed goods and urge the responsible party to develop reform proposals, timely follow-site verification to ensure that the seriousness of the rectification work. Test taking into account the many links of imported equipment, the use of the special nature of long duration, the council of the relevant enterprises follow up call, visit, keep abreast of equipment problems found during the operation, and the quality of the claim occurred during the period, the shortage in a timely manner and issue inspection certificate, strictly implement the import of equipment installation and other follow-up supervision.

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